Staff Selection Commission has successfully conducted the GD Constable Exam on 04 October 2015 on the request of Ministry of Home Affairs. SSC GD Constable exam occurred for the varied security agencies like CRPF, CAPF, NIA, ITBP, BSF, SSF and Assam Rifles.

SSC GD Constable Exam occurred for the 62,390 post in all over India in various exam center. A lot of candidates joined SSC GD Constable Exam, which held on 04 October 2015. Official SSC GD Constable Answer Key will be available soon on Until Unofficial SSC GD Constable Evening Shift Answer Key is available on solved paper web portal which is prepared by our conglomeration.

So You can examine your SSC GD Constable Answer Sheet and ensure their performance in the examination. If you want to check you answer with an explanation then SSC GD Constable Answer Sheet with explanation is available on Edupil web portal.

SSC GD Constable Evening Shift Exam Paper and Answer Key:

General Knowledge and General Awareness

  1. Which among the following countries was the first to give women the right to vote?
    (a) Iceland
    (b) U.S.A
    (c) New Zealand  
    (d) India
  2. A very hot and dry local wind blowing across North Indian plains in summer is:
    (a) Foehn
    (b) Loo
    (c) Mistral
    (d) Jet stream
  3. In India, National Youth day is celebrated on:
    (a) 12th January
    (b) 1st January
    (c) 20th January
    (d) 30th January
  4. The method that cannot be used for removing permanent hardness of water is:
    (a) adding caustic soda
    (b) distillation
    (c) boiling
    (d) adding sodium carbonate
  5. Who is the woman Boxer to win Silver medal in London Olympic of 2012:
    (a) Nicola Adams
    (b) Mary Kom
    (c) Ka Tie Taylor
    (d) Natasha Jonas
  6. Who propounded the dynamic theory of profit?
    (a) Knight
    (b) Walker
    (c) Hawley
    (d) Clark
  7. The second largest continent of the world is:
    (a) North America
    (b) Asia
    (c) Antarctica
    (d) Africa
  8. Population census is taken once in:
    (a) 5 years
    (b) 15 years
    (c) 10 years  
    (d) every year
  9. The nuclear reaction in which the mass is converted into energy is called:
    (a) endo thermic
    (b) exothermic
    (c) endo ergic
    (d) exo ergic
  10. A person with blood group ‘O’ can receive blood transfusion from with blood groups-
    (a) O only
    (b) A, B only
    (c) O and AB
    (d) A, B and O
  11. Which maurya ruler accompanied Bhadra Bahu to Shravanabelagola?
    (a) Ashoka
    (b) Bindusara
    (c) Dashratha
    (d) Chandragupta
  12. Heavy grey colored clouds which are responsible for rains are called:
    (a) nimbostratus
    (b) nimbus
    (c) cumulus
    (d) cirrus
  13. An amphoteric substance acts as:
    (a) Both an acid and a base
    (b) Base
    (c) None of the options
    (d) Acid
  14. The first PM who had resigned without attending Parliament session was-
    (a) Smt Indira Gandhi
    (b) Lal Bahadur Shastri
    (c) Charan Singh
    (d) Morarji Desai
  15. The “Continent of Contrasts” is
    (a) Africa
    (b) Australia
    (c) Antarctica
    (d) Asia
  16. Under the Constitution, public health and sanitation and hospitals and dispensaries fall in the:
    (a) Concurrent list
    (b) State list
    (c) No list
    (d) Central list
  17. The group of countries that are usually referred to as the “Baltic countries” consists of:
    (a) Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
    (b) Sweden, Finland and Estonia
    (c) Poland, Belarus and Lithuania
    (d) Denmark, Poland and Latvia
  18. The first electronic digital computer contained the following:
    (a) Transistor
    (b) Electronic valves
    (c) Vaccum tubes
    (d) Semi-conductor memory
  19. Who among the following was the Viceroy of India when the mutiny of 1857 took place?
    (a) Lytton
    (b) Minto
    (c) Dalhousie
    (d) Canning
  20. The Ramakrishna Mission was founded by:
    (a) Raja Rammohan Rai
    (b) Dayananda Sarasvati
    (c) Swami Vivekananda
    (d) Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar
  21. Which of the following is NOT an aerosol?
    (a) fog
    (b) cloud
    (c) smoke
    (d) mud
  22. Which revolution was started by the Government of India to increase the milk output?
    (a) White Revolution
    (b) Green Revolution
    (c) Blue Revolution
    (d) Yellow Revolution
  23. Which is not a central problem of an economy?
    (a) For whom to produce? 
    (b) How to maximize private profit?
    (c) What to produce?
    (d) How to produce?
  24. Louis Pasteur discovered:
    (a) Penicillin
    (b) Polio Vaccine
    (c) Antirabies Vaccine 
    (d) Insulin
  25. South Africa’s first black president and anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela died on:
    (a) December 2, 2013
    (b) December 6, 2014
    (c) December 9, 2014
    (d) December 5, 2013


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