GD Constable exam has successfully conducted on 04 October 2015 by the Staff Selection Commission on the request of Ministry of Home Affairs for various security agencies as like CRPF, CAPF, SSB, ITBP, NIA, SSF, BSF and Assam Rifles. 

SSC GD Constable held for  62,390 Vacancies in the various exam center of All over India. There are a lot of aspirants attend the SSC GD Constable exam. Official SSC GD Constable Answer Key will be available soon on Until Unofficial GD Constable Answer Key is available on Solved paper web portal which has prepared by our team. You can check SSC GD Constable Answer sheet and enumerate their performance in the examination. You can also Check with an explanation of SSC GD constable solution. This exam was held in two shift morning & evening shift.

SSC GD Constable Exam Paper and Answer Key:

Part-A : General Knowledge

  1. The smallest ocean is:
    (a) Pacific
    (b) Arctic
    (c) Atlantic
    (d) Indian
  2. The Headquarters of Word trade Organisation(WTO) is situated in:
    (a) London. UK
    (b) Geneva, Switzerland 
    (c) New Delhi
    (d) Washington, USA
  3. When water freezes its density ___
    (a) Remains constant
    (b) Increases
    (c) Decreases                     
    (d) Becomes Zero
  4. The headquarters of United Nations Organization is located at:
    (a) Geneva
    (b) New York   
    (c) Washington
    (d) Rome
  5. The acid which fails to liberate carbon dioxide from sodium bicarbonate is:
    (a) Sulphuric acid
    (b) Fomic acid
    (c) Carbonic acid
    (d) Acetic acid
  6. Name the first Indian to be banned for using anabolic steroid in Olympic games:
    (a) Sumitha Laha
    (b) T. Sanmancha Chanu    
    (c) Ashwini Akunji
    (d) Pratima Kumari
  7. When was the office of District Collector created?
    (a) 1771
    (b) 1773
    (c) 1772 
    (d) 1786
  8. In B. C. G Vaccine the word ‘C’ stands for:
    (a) Calmette
    (b) Cough
    (c) Chlorine
    (d) Cadmium
  9. Oxide of Sulphur present in the atmosphere are washed down by rains to cause;
    (a) Industrial smog
    (c) Eutrophication in lakes
    (b) Depletion of fossil fuel
    (d) Lowering of pH of soil
  10. Chemical composition of heavy water is:
    (a) H2O
    (b) HDO
    (c) H2O2
    (d) D2O
  11. Which one of the following is an autotroph?
    (a) Algae
    (b) Butterfly
    (c) Mushroom
    (d) Grasshopper
  12. Who of the Delhi sultans pursued the policy of ‘blood & iron’:
    (a) Ghiyasuddin tughlaq
    (b) Iltutamish
    (c) Balban
    (d) Alauddin Khilji
  13. Dadabhai Naroji has described his theory of ‘Drain of Wealth’ in the book of _____.
    (a) British Rule and its Consequences
    (b) Poverty and Un-British Rule in India
    (c) Nature of British Colonial Rule
    (d) Exploitative Nature of British Rule in India
  14. Which one of the following is a non-dimensional quantity?
    (a) Co-efficient of visocity
    (b) Plank’s constant
    (c) Strain
    (d) Gas constant
  15. Who was the author of Telugu Work Amukhyamalyada?
    (a) Karihara
    (b) Bukka
    (c) Krishnadevaraya
    (d) Devaraya
  16. The presence of pollutants in the environment is usually expressed in ppm, where ppm stands for;
    (a) pollutant prevent measure
    (b) parts per million
    (c) purity per microgram
    (d) particles per mole
  17. Economic classifies the man-made instrument of production as:
    (a) capital
    (b) Organization
    (c) equipment
    (d) labour
  18. The first President of independent India was:
    (a) Sardar Patel
    (b) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
    (c) Dr. S. Radha Krishnan
    (d) J.L Nehru
  19. Who established the ‘Sharda Sadan’, a school for Indian Windows in colonial India?
    (a) Sarojini Naidu
    (b) Pandita Rama Bai
    (c) Mahadev Govind Ramade
    (d) Dayanand Saraswati
  20. Democracy is a government in which everyone has a share was the opinion of:
    (a) Seeley
    (b) Abraham Lincoln
    (c) Plato
    (d) Jeovans
  21. The Cash Reserve Ratio is a tool of
    (a) Fiscal policy
    (b) Monetary policy
    (c) Tax Policy
    (d) Agricultural policy
  22. The greatness of Shershah lies in his
    (a) Secular attitude
    (b) Administrative reforms
    (c) Superior generalship
    (d) Victories against
  23. The term ‘URL’ used in internet technology stands for;
    (a) Uniform Remote Locater
    (b) Unique Resource Locater
    (c) Uniform Resource Locater
    (d) Unique Remote Locater
  24. Which of the following countries has brought out a stamp on Mother Teresa to celebrate her birth anniversary?
    (a) Pakistan
    (b) India
    (c) USA
    (d) UK
  25. How does agriculture promote the Indian industrial development?
    (a) By providing food and clothing to laborers
    (b) By opening up market for industrial products
    (c) All of the given options
    (d) By supplying raw materials


  1. Prakash padhan

    Your question no.20 answers is 100% wrong !
    “Democracy is a govt in which everyone has a share.” was the openion of prof. Seeley

  2. Sudheer

    SSC CONSTABLE 2015-16 ANDHRA PRADESH {ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్} Exam cutoff marks will be
    OBC{ఓబీసి} -43
    SC {యస్సీ} -40
    ST {యస్టీ}-38
    JOB RATIO 1:4 {ఒక పోస్టుకి 4 మంది}.



    A) Plank’s constant B) Strain

    C) Gas constant D) Co-efficient Of viscocity

    1. Answer Key Article Author


      Non-Dimensional Measurements or predictions that have no units attached to them, such as the ratio of the average diameter of a circular object to its perimeter “numbers”.

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