Food Corporation of India has successfully conducted the Junior Engineer, Assistant Grade ll, lll, and Typist exam on  04th October 2015 for North Zone in the various center. FCI Answer Key North Zone JE, AG (ll, lll) and Typist is available. 

Food Corporation of India (FCI) is a central government organization. Food Corporation India has five zones in all over India.

  • North Zone
  • South Zone
  • East Zone
  • West Zone
  • North East Zone

Official FCI Answer key will be available soon on official web portal An eager candidate who wants to check their performance in the examination can check his answer in a solved paper web portal. Unofficial FCI Answer Key 2015 is prepared by our team.

If you want to check FCI Answer Key 2015 with explanation also available. You can ensure you Mathematics, General Knowledge, and General Ability Answer exists.

FCI JE, AG (ll, lll) and Typist Answer Key 2015 with Question Paper:

  • Pick the odd one out:
    (a) Complier
    (b) Interpreter
    (c) Assembler
    (d) Word Processor
  • Who recently became 161st member of WTO?
    (a) Yemen
    (b) Seychelles
    (c) Tajikistan
    (d) Ukraine
  • The World Bank on 1st July, 2015 releases the annual revised classification of world’s economics based on estimates of Gross National Income. Which country has the world lowest GNI per capita:
    (a) Argentina
    (b) Hungary
    (c) Malawi
    (d) Monaco
  • Which city became the 17th city to be designated as world book capital recently by UNESCO:
    (a) New Delhi
    (b) Bangkok
    (c) Conakry
    (d) Wroclaw
  • The work done by a woman in 8 hours is equal to the work done by a man in 6 hours and by a boy in 12 hours. If working 6 hours per day 9 men can complete a work in 6 days, then how many days can 12 men, 12 women and 12 boys together finish the same work working 8 hours per day?
    (a) 4/3 days
    (b) 11/3 days
    (c) 3/2 days
    (d) None of these
  • The weight of a cylindrical can alone is 16.66% of the container filled with a certain liquid. When some liquid is removed, the weight of the container and remaining liquid is 33.33% of the total original weight. What fraction of liquid has been removed?
    (a) 1/3
    (b) 1/2
    (c) 2/3
    (d) None of these

Directions: (Question No. 7 & 8) fifty books belonging to different subjects viz History (8), geography (7), Literature (13), Psychology (8), Science (14) are placed on shelf. They are arranged in an alphabetical order subject to condition that no two books of same subject are placed together so long as the books of other subjects are available, unless otherwise mentioned all counting is done from left.

  • How many pairs (Science and Geography book respectively) are placed together on the shelf:
    (a) 5
    (b) 6
    (c) 7
    (d) None of these
  • How many pairs (Science and Literature book respectively) are placed together on the shelf:
    (a) 5
    (b) 4
    (c) 6
    (d) None of these
  • 24th Saraswati Samman for the year 2014 was presented to:
    (a) Veerappa Moily
    (b) Govind Mishra
    (c) A.A. Manavalan
    (d) S.L Shyrappa
  • HRIDAY Scheme of Government of India is being implemented in how many identified cities of India?
    (a) 8
    (b) 6
    (c) 12
    (d) None of these
  • ‘INCH towards Miles’ which was recently news refers to relation between:
    (a) India and China
    (b) SARRC Countries
    (c) India and Pakistan
    (d) India, Nepal and China
  • As per the recent supreme court ruling only the pictures of certain dignitaries would be published in Government advertisements. Picture of the following personality is not allowed to be published:
    (a) Prime Minister of India
    (b) Vice President of India
    (c) Chief Justice of India
    (d) President of India
  • Identify the wrong statement:
    (a) On human capital index, India ranks lower than all its BRICS peers.
    (b) NASA spacecraft ‘Messenger recently crashed into Mercury.
    (c) Black Money Bill Passed and became Act recently
    (d) Justice A.P. Shah committee has been constituted by SEBI to look into alternative investment policy.
  • To save an existing file with a new name or to a new location, you should use ____ command:
    (a) Save
    (b) Save & replace
    (c) Save as
    (d) None of these
  • A program that places program into main memory and prepares them for execution?
    (a) Linker
    (b) Assembler
    (c) Loader
    (d) None of these
  • What is the escape velocity for the Earth?
    (a) 9500 m/sec.
    (b) 7800 m/sec.
    (c) 11200 m/sec
    (d) None of these
  • Two cars start from place A & B, 100 km apart, towards each other. Both cars start simultaneously. A bird sitting on one car starts at the same time towards the other car, and as soon as it reaches the second car, it flies back to the first car and it continues in this manner flying backwards and forwards from one car to the other, until the cars meet. Both cars travel at a speed on 50 kmph and the bird flied at 100 kmph. Total distance covered by the bird will be:
    (a) 50 km
    (b) 100 m
    (c) 200 m
    (d) None of these
  • The mass of a body at the centre of Earth is:
    (a) Less that at the surface
    (b) Remains constant
    (c) More than at the surface
    (d) Zero
  • The number of students and their average age (in years) in each of the five classes of a primary school are given in the following table.
  • The average age of the students of the school is closest to the average age fo the class.
    (a) I
    (b) III
    (c) II
    (d) IV
    DIRECTIONS: (Questions No. 20 to 23) Study the graph given below and answer the following question.
    Demand and production of color TVs of five companies for March, 2015
    Question 20 to 23


  • The demand of color TVs manufactured by company B is what percent of the demand of those manufactured by company C:
    (a) 24%
    (b) 30%
    (c) 40%
    (d) None of these
  • The production of TVs by companies D is how many times the production by company A:
    (a) 3.0
    (b) 0.55
    (c) 1.80
    (d) None of these
  • What is difference between average demand and average production of TVs of all companies combined together?
    (a) 380
    (b) 280
    (c) 480
    (d) None of these
  • What is the ratio of the number of companies having more demand than production to that of the companies having more production than demand?
    (a) 3:2
    (b) 2:3
    (c) 4:1
    (d) 1:4

DIRECTIONS: Study three different positions of the cube given below with numbers  1 to 6 written on its faces and answer the question.

Question 24

  • The number on the bottom face of figure C is?
    (a) 6
    (b) 2
    (c) 1
    (d) None of these
  • A team can do a particular task in 10 days. Another team can do the same task in 20 days. In how many days will the job be finished, if both the teams work together?
    (a) 15/2 days
    (b) 19/3 days
    (c) 20/3 days
    (d) 22/3 days
  • Select the largest (computer) memory size:
    (a) Terabyte
    (b) Gigabyte
    (c) Kilobyte
    (d) Megabyte
  • Movement of Signals between CPU and I/O is controlled by:
    (a) Arithmetic logic unit
    (b) Control unit
    (c) Memory unit
    (d) None of these
  • A publisher sells copies of books to a retail dealer at ₹ 5 per copy but allows 25 copies to be counted as 24. If the retailer sells each of the 25 copies at ₹ 6, his profit % is:
    (a) 20%
    (b) 24%
    (c) 25% 
    (d) 40%
  • Probability of getting a multiply of 2 on one dice and a multiple of 3 on the other dice, when dice are thrown simultaneously is:
    (a) 1/6
    (b) 5/12
    (c) 11/36
    (d) 5/36
  • The name of India’s first private Greenfield Airport
    (a) Pakyong Airport
    (b) Cochin International Airport
    (c) Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport
    (d) Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
  • Five students participated in an examination and each scored different marks. Naina scored higher than Meena. Kamla scored lower than Praveen but higher than Naina. Anuj’s score was between Meena and Naina. Which of the following pairs represents the highest and the lowest scores respectively?
    (a) Praveen, Naina
    (b) Naina, Praveen
    (c) Praveen, Anuj
    (d) Praveen, Meena
  • In a certain code ‘PAISA’ is coded as ‘QBJTF’ and ‘CEASE’ is coded as ‘DFBTF’. How will ‘TRANGLE’ be coded in the same code?
    (a) USBOIMF
    (b) USBMHMF
    (c) USOBIMF
    (d) USBOHMF
  • Which is not a system program or utility?
    (a) Virtual Keyboard
    (b) Disk fragmenter
    (c) Internet Explorer 
    (d) Operating System
  • All of the ‘active’ information that the computer is using is stored in:
    (a) ROM
    (b) RAM                                                                                          
    (c) Virtual Memory
    (d) Secondary Memory
  • The government of India has set targets month wise schedule of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, 2015. The target set for October month is/
    (a) Clean villages reflect clean India
    (b) Wind Power : Plentiful & pollution free source
    (c) Solar Power : clean, Abundant & Renewable source
    (d) Boost to afforestation : Protection of wild life

DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 36 to 38) The pie chart given show the data on number of foreign collaborations approved with various countries. Some of these foreign collaborations are technical while others include foreign investment too. Study the pie chart and answer the question below it.
Questions 36 to 38

  • By what percent did foreign collaborations approved with Germany change in 2014 with respect to 2013?
    (a) 2% increase
    (b) 25/3% increase
    (c) 25/3% decrease
    (d) None of these
  • What is the ratio of the number of foreign collaborations approved with UK in 2013 to those in 2014?
    (a) 13:15
    (b) 7:17
    (c) 14:15 
    (d) None of these
  • By how much did the number of foreign collaboration approved with USA increase from 2013 to 2014?
    (a) 216
    (b) 99
    (c) 315
    (d) None of these
  • Black Money (Undisclosed foreign income and assets) and imposition of Tax Act, 2015 has taken effect from:
    (a) 1st April 2015
    (b) 1st June 2015
    (c) 1st July 2015
    (d) 1st August 2015
  • Base year of consumer price index has been shifted recently. It has been changed now to:
    (a) 2011
    (b) 2013
    (c) 2012  
    (d) None of these
  • The largest blast furnace steel plant which was modernized by the Central Government and dedicated to the nation recently is in the state of:
    (a) Bihar
    (b) West-Bengal
    (c) Orrisa
    (d) Jharkhand

DIRECTIONS: A piece of wire 132 cm long is bent successively in the shape of an equilateral triangle, a square, a circle and a regular hexagon.

  • The largest area is included when the wire is bent into the shape of a:
    (a) Circle
    (b) Hexagon
    (c) Square
    (d) Triangle
  • Two numbers are such that the ratio between them is 3:5. If each increased by 20, the ratio between the new numbers so formed is 7:9. Find the original numbers:
    (a) 9, 15
    (b) 24, 40
    (c) 27, 45
    (d) 15, 25
  • Which of the following in the largest number?
    (a) 31/3
    (b) 51/5
    (c) 21/2
    (d) 71/7
  • A large tanker can be filled by two pipes A & B in 60 minutes & 40 minutes respectively. How many minutes will it takes to fill the tanker from empty state if B is used for half the time and A & B fill it together for the other half:
    (a) 30 mins
    (b) 15 mins
    (c) 20 mins
    (d) None of these
  • In a History examination, the average for the entire class was 80 marks. If 10% of the students scored 95 marks and 20% scored 90 marks. What was the average marks of the remaining students of the class:
    (a) 65.5
    (b) 85
    (c) 75
    (d) None of these
  • In a class X of 30 students 24 passed in first class; in another class Y of 35 students, 28 passed in first class. In which class was the percentage of students getting first class more?
    (a) Class X has more percentage of students getting first class
    (b) Class Y has more percentage of students getting first class
    (c) Both classes have equal percentage of students getting first class
    (d) None of these
  • A and B are young ones of C. If C is the father of A but B is not the son of C. How are B and C related?
    (a) Nephew and Uncle
    (b) Daughter and Father
    (c) Niece and Uncle
    (d) Daughter and Mother

DIRCTIONS: Select from the following groups the word that does not belong to the group or is different from the rest.

  • (a) Tin
    (b) Steel
    (c) Iron
    (d) Copper

DIRECTIONS: This question follow a pattern. The answer of first two columns have been arrived at by following some logic. You have to find out the answer of third column following the same logic and select the choice to replace the question mark.

  • X y z                   876
    p q                       23 
    (a) 46
    (b) 80
    (c) 92                                   
    (d) 100
  • A bus for ‘Chennai’ leaves every 40 minutes from a bus stand. An enquiry clerk told a person that the bus had already left 10 minutes ago and the next bus will leave at 10:45 AM. At what time this information was given to the man?
    (a) 10:25 AM
    (b) 09:55 AM
    (c) 10:15 AM
    (d) 10:35 AM
  • In a certain code ‘Ki pit lit’ means ‘some small houses’. ‘les ki tim’ means ‘some good building’ and ‘tim nis lit’ means ‘many small building’. What is the code for houses’?
    (a) lit
    (b) ki
    (b) pit                                   
    (d) tim
  • If Ranchi is called Delhi, Delhi is called Mumbai, Mumbai is called Dehradun, Dehradun is called Nagpur and Nagpur is called Meerut then where is the Gate way of India?
    (a) Meerut
    (b) Dehradun
    (c) Nagpur
    (d) Mumbai
  • If in the year 2010, paper production of company ‘Aditi is more than that of company ‘Vineet’ but not more than that of companies ‘Chirag’ and ‘Deeva’. Production of company ‘Sevika’ is not as much as that of company ‘Deeva’. However it is more than that of company ‘Chirag’. Which company produced the highest quantity of papers?
    (a) Deeva
    (b) Vineet
    (c) Sevika
    (d) None of these
  • Simplify {0.9[2.3-3.2-(7.1-5.4-3.5)]}
    (a) 0.18
    (b) 1.8
    (c) 0
    (d) 2.6
  • A father weighs 14 kgs more than the weight of his wife. His wife weighs 23 kgs more than his daughter who weighs 29 kgs. Calculate their average weight in Kgs:
    (a) 56
    (b) 49
    (c) 48
    (d) None of these
  • Twelve solid spheres of the same size are made by melting a solid metallic cylinder of base diameter 2 cm and height 16 cm. The diameter of each sphere is;
    (a) 2cm
    (b) 3 cm
    (c) 4 cm
    (d) 6 cm

Following figures show expenditure by A and B on different for a given income
Question 58

  • Which conclusion is correct:
    (a) ‘A’ Spends more on food than ‘B’
    (b) ‘B’ Spends equally on Clothes and Rent
    (c) A’s spending on rent & clothes is equal to B’s spending on food
    (d) ‘A’ Spends less on Clothes than ‘B’

DIRECTIONS: In the following question Select the choice which represents right solution given ‘+’ stands for multiplication, ‘x’ stands for addition, ‘_’  stands for division and ‘¸’ stands for subtraction.

  • (a) 20-5×60+7=425
    (b) 18-9×100+7=701
    (c) 64-8×121-11=19
    (d) 121-10×80-4=30
  • The process, by which a prism forms different colors, is known as:
    (a) Diffraction
    (b) reflection
    (c) Refraction                    
    (d) Diffusion
  • Latitude of point on the Earth is measured by the distance in:
    (a) Kilometers from the equator
    (b) Angles from the equator
    (c) Angles from the poles(d) Kilometers from the poles

DIRECTIONS: In the following question two statements are given followed by two conclusions l & ll. The two statements are to be considered true. Pick the choice as follows.
A. If only conclusion I Follows
B. If only conclusion II follows
C. If both conclusion I & II follow
D. If neither conclusion I nor II follows


  • Some teachers are adults. Some adults are poets:
    Some teachers are poets
    ll. Some poets are teachers
    (a) A
    (b) B
    (c) C
    (d) D
  • Which of the following tag is used to mark a beginning of paragraph?
    (a) <TD>
    (b) <br>
    (c) <p> 
    (d) <TR>
  • If BAT = 69 and BOOK = 172, then PEN = ?
    (a) 66
    (b) 105
    (c) 144
    (d) None of these

DIRECTIONS: At a public meeting there were 8 speakers A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H. Each spoke for some time according to the following scheme –
l. ‘A’ spoke after ‘F’ and took more time than ‘B’
ll. ‘C’ spoke before ‘G’ and after ‘B’ and took less time than E.
III. ‘D’ spoke after ‘H’ and before ‘B’ and took less time than ‘H’. but more time than ‘E’.
IV. ‘H’ spoke after ‘A’ and took less time than ‘B’

  • Who spoke for the longest time?
    (a) A
    (b) B
    (c) C
    (d) D

DIRECTIONS: Find the missing term in series below.

  • 3, 8, 18, ?, 53, 78
    (a) 31
    (b) 32
    (c) 33                                   
    (d) None of these

DIRECTIONS: In the following question select the choice of letters which completes the first word and begins the second. The letters in the bracket end the first word and begin the second. Number of dots in bracket indicate number of letters required.

  • ST ( ….) PLE:
    (a) OPS
    (b) INK
    (c) RIP                                  
    (d) ACK
  • ‘United Stock Exchange’ is the India’s newest stock exchange. The main area of operations of this stock exchange:
    (a) Currency futures
    (b) Share & securities
    (c) Copper & Metal Futures
    (d) Commodities futures
  • Which component of the Operating system directly interact with hardware:
    (a) The Kernel
    (b) The shell
    (c) The terminal
    (d) None of these
  • Find out the incorrect rank combination among defense forces.
    Army                     Navy                          Air Force
    (a)          General                 Admiral                 Air Chief Marshal
    (b)          Brigadier              Commodore       Air Commodore
    (c)           Major             Lieutenant     Squadron Leader
    (d)          Colonel                 Captain                 Group Captain
  • Match List l with List ll and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:
    List-l                                       List-ll
    l.  Linus                                 A. Internet
    ll. Pentium                           B. Programming Language
    lll. C++                                 C. Microprocessor
    IV. Modem                          D. Operating System
    (a) I-D, II-C, lll-B, IV-A
    (b) l-C, ll-D, lll-B, IV-A
    (c) l-B, ll-C, lll-D, IV-A
    (d) l-D, ll-B, III-C, IV-A
    Who has been vested with power by the constitution to permit any member of parliament who cannot adequately express himself/ herself in Hindi or in English to address the House in his/her mother tongue:
    (a) Chairman of the Council of states or the person acting as such in the house
    (b) Speaker of the House of the people or the person acting as such in the house
    (c) Leader of the house
    (d) Both (1) & (2)
    DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 76 to 79)
    Question 76 to 79
  • The number of students in total who took History or Mathematics or Science was:
    (a) 430
    (b) 424
    (c) 183
    (d) None of these
  • Which subject was taken by the largest number of students?
    (a) History
    (b) Geography
    (c) Science
    (d) Mathematics
  • The number of students who took any three of the above subjects was:
    (a) 62
    (b) 63
    (c) 64
    (d) None of these
  • The number of students who took History and Geography among other subjects was?
    (a) 66
    (b) 65
    (c) 63
    (d) None of these
  • The micro-architecture of the Pentium 4 is called:
    (a) Power3
    (b) 21164 scheme
    (c) NetBurst 
    (d) None of these
  • Sound travels faster in solids than in gases, because:
    (a) Density of solids is more
    (b) Modulas of elasticity is more than that of gases
    (c) Sound cannot travel through gases
    (d) Sound is an electromagnetic wave.
  • Which strait separates Europe from Africa?
    (a) Mallaica
    (b) Gibralter
    (c) Berring
    (d) Palk
  • In a class, 29 students play cricket, 26 play hockey and 21 play football. 12 play both football & cricket, 14 play both hockey and football. 15 play both cricket & Hockey. Further 8 students play all the three and 2 do not pay at all. The number of students in the class is:
    (a) 70
    (b) 55
    (c) 47
    (d) 45
  • In case of reflection it is well known that when a mirror turned through an angle the reflected ray turns through:
    (a) Same angle
    (b) Twice the angle
    (c) Thrice the angle
    (d) Half angle
  • The most common cause of death in road accident is due to:
    (a) Severe injury
    (b) Loss oxygen supply caused by blocked airway
    (c) Bleeding (Severe hemorrhage)
    (d) None of these
  • In a group of 36 persons, a total of 16 take cold drink while 9 take only cold drink not green coconut drink. How may persons in this group take only green coconut drink but not cold drink. (Every person take drink either cold drink or green coconut or both):
    (a) 27
    (b) 25
    (c) 20
    (d) 22
    DIRECTIONS: Complete the Series in the following figures
  • Question 87
    Answer is  2
  • Question 88
    nswer is 3
  • Which country gives Magsaysay awards?
    (a) India
    (b) Britain
    (c) China
    (d) The Philippines
  • In full time organizational framework of Niti Aayog, the ex-officio members are to be nominated by:
    (a) Vice Chairperson of Niti Aayog
    (b) Prime Minister
    (c) leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha
    (d) C.E.O of Niti Aayog
  • The scholar who accompanied Mahmud Ghaznavi during his expedition to India was:
    (a) Ibn Batuta
    (b) Al Beruni
    (c) Firdausi
    (d) Al. Razi
  • Which article of the constitution of India requires the constitution of a finance commission every five years or earlier:
    (a) Article 280
    (b) Article 250
    (c) Article 126
    (d) None of these
    DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 93 to 95) Each question below is followed by two statement l and ll. You are to determine whether the data given in the statement is sufficient for answering the question. You should use the data and your knowledge of mathematics to choose between the possible answers.
    A. If the statement l alone is sufficient to answer the question but he statement ll alone is not sufficient.
    B. If the statement ll alone is sufficient to answer the question but statement l alone is not sufficient.
    C. If both statement l and ll  together are needed to answer the question.
    D. If either the statement l alone or statement ll alone is sufficient to answer the question.
    E. If you can not get the answer from statement I and ll together but need even more data.
  • X, Y and Z are three consecutive odd number (not necessary in this order). What is the sum of these number?
    The difference of Y & Z is 4
    ll. One third of X is 33
    (a) A
    (b) B
    (c) C
    (d) D
  • How many people are computer experts in the organization?
    Each computer expert must conduct at least 3 programs related to computers.
    ll. Organisation conducts 30 programs related to computers
    (a) A
    (b) B
    (c) C
    (d) E
  • What is the number?
    25% of that number is one fourth of that number
    ll. ¾ of that number is less by 14 of that number.
    (a) A
    (b) B
    (c) D
    (d) D

General English

  • Fill in the blanks.
    In a classroom students are to be trained to love ………..:
    (a) Each other
    (b) All others
    (c) One another
    (d) Altogether
  • Fill in the gap with suitable preposition in the following question:
    I kept __ gazing at him till I remembered who he was.
    (a) in
    (b) at
    (c) on
    (d) out
  • Change the following sentence given in Direct speech into Indirect Speech and mark correct answer choosing from options given.
    The prince said, “It gives me great pleasure to be there this evening.”
    (a) The prince said that it gives him great pleasure to be there this evening.
    (b) The prince said that it gave him great pleasure to be there this evening.
    (c) The prince said that it gives him great pleasure to be there that evening.
    (d) The prince said that it gave him great pleasure to be there that evening.
  • Each word given in the alternatives are matched with its synonym and antonym. One is not correctly matched. Find the one not correctly matched.
    Word                     Synonym             Antonym
    (a)          Abscond               Flee                        Remain
    (b)          Abate                    Suppress              Rise
    (c)           Abash                    Confuse               Confident
    (d)          Acquit            Convict                 Exonerate
  • Choose the correct answer.
    Your clock is …… hour fast:
    (a) The
    (b) A
    (c) An
    (d) Your

Directions: In the following question select the choice with the similar meaning of the word

    Some one who is.
    (a) Overly sensitive
    (b) Aggressive
    (c) Jealous
    (d) Inexperienced

DIRECTIONS: In the following question a word is followed by four choices. Select the choice that best explains the meaning given word.

  • Contraband:
    (a) Illegal goods
    (b) Customs inspector
    (c) Money belt
    (d) Latin musical group

DIRECTIONS: A word is given. Below are given 4 alternatives (1), (2), (3) & (4). You have to choose one of the alternatives indicate the correct meaning of the word.

  • Persona Non Grata’ means a person who is:
    (a) Popular
    (b) Grateful
    (c) Proud
    (d) Unacceptable

DIRECTIONS: (Question no. 104 to 107) Read the passage and answer the question given below.
Bansilal’s train was late and it reached Bombay a little after midnight. It was his first visit to the city, and he didn’t know where to go He thought he would go to a choultry where he would not have to pay rent, but he did not know how to find one at that hour, He asked a porter to get him a cheap room. The porter said that if Bansilal give him three rupees, he would take him to one. But Bansilal waved him cheap room. The porter said that if Bansilal gave him three rupees, he would take him to one. But Bansilal waved him away and walked out of the station. He wandered through the streets and asked a number of people, but could not find a room cheap enough for him. He sat down on a park bench to think what he should do next. He was very tired and tell asleep on the bench. He woke up the next morning stiff in every limb-but he smiled when he realized that it was the cheapest nights’ lodging that he had ever had.

  • From the passage, Bansilal emerges as:
    (a) An extravagant Spender
    (b) A thrifty person
    (c) A fun-loving person
    (d) An adventure-seeking person
  • The night long in the open:
    (a) Gave him aches all over his body
    (b) refreshed Bansilal
    (c) Did not affect him at all
    (d) Made his limbs stronger
  • Bansilal could not get any accommodation for the right because:
    (a) All the hotel rooms were booked
    (b) The hotels were to expensive for him to afford
    (c) He wanted to spend the night in the open
    (d) All the hotels in the city were closed.
  • The porter refused to help Bansilal because:
    (a) He had no previous acquaintance with the porter
    (b) He was rue to the porter
    (c) He refused to pay the porter any tips
    (d) He spoke a language which the porter could not understand
  • In the following question, four spelling are given for a word. Pic the right choice which has the correct spelling
    (a) Courageus
    (b) Couragious
    (c) Courageous
    (d) Couragous
  • In each of the following groups of words, only one word is correctly spelt. Select the word with correct spelling
    (a) gratutions
    (b) gratuitous
    (c) gratuitous
    (d) greatutous
  • Change the following sentence into correct passive voice:
    They ought not to blame others.
    (a) Others ought not to be blamed by them.
    (b) Others should not blame them
    (c) Others should not be blamed by them
    (d) Others ought not be blamed by them.
  • Choose the correct preposition to fill in the gap;
    Shyam lives …………..45, Dalal Street.
    (a) in
    (b) at
    (c) with
    (d) for
  • Fill in the blank using the correct tense:
    When Shivansh came to the school in 1966, Mr. Rakesh ……………. There for seven years.
    (a) Has already been teaching
    (b) Had already been teaching
    (c) have already been teaching
    (d) Will have already been teaching
  • Correct the following sentence.
    Coffee is more preferable to tea.
    (a) Coffee is preferable than tea.
    (b) Coffee is preferable to tea
    (c) Coffee is preferred as tea
    (d) Coffee as well as tea is preferred.
  • In the question, the sentence has been given in Direct speech. In the options four changed form of the reported speech have been given out of which one is correct. Mark the correct one:
    The teacher said, “speak truth always”.
    (a) The teacher said that speak truth.
    (b) The teacher told speak truth always.
    (c) The teacher advised to speak truth always.
    (d) The teacher requested to speak truth always
  • Fill in the blanks with correct from of verbs/tenses given in bracket.
    When I ___ (have) another look, I ____ (realize) the shirt in the laundry ____ (shrink).
    (a) have, will realize, has shrunk
    (b) had, realized, had shrunk
    (c) had, would realize, is shrinking
    (d) have, realized, shrinking
  • Combine the sentence as indicated in the bracket.
    He is lazy. He is cleaver. (Compound)
    (a) He is lazy and cleaver.
    (b) He is lazy but cleaver.
    (c) He is both and cleaver
    (d) He being clever is lazy.
  • Correct the following sentence.
    Either of the two boys have stolen my pen.
    (a) Two boys have stolen my pen.
    (b) Either of the two boys has stolen my pen
    (c) Either of the two boys stole my pen.
    (d) Either of the two boys will steal my pen.
  • Identify the plural form which is incorrect.
    (a) Commanders-in-chief
    (b) Mice
    (c) Son-in-laws
    (d) Men

DIRECTIONS: Each of the following idioms is followed by alternative meanings of which one is correct. Write the correct option.

  • A square peg in a round hole:
    (a) A person unsuited to the position he fills
    (b) A scheme that never works
    (c) An impossible task
    (d) A Herculean task

DIRECTIONS: The words of proverbs and sentences are given in a jumbled manner. If the words are arranged properly, then a readable sentence. Pick a choice which gives the correct sequence of words.

  • Death, Before, Times, Their, Cowards, Many, Die
    1          2           3          4             5            6        7
    (a) 2431756
    (b) 4657123
    (c) 5763241
    (d) 6375124


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