Uttar Pradesh subordinate service selection commission successfully conducted the combined subordinate lower mains exam on 6th March 2016. A lot of candidates attend this state level exam. UPSSSC combined subordinate lower exam held on a verious selected exam center all over the state. Candidates will eagerly checking the answer key of this exam on a various educational website like www.edupil.com & careervendor.com official Answer Key will be released soon on official website upsssc.gov.in. 

Before official Answer key, Solved paper team providing you a tentative and reliable Answer Key. Through this unofficial Answer Key eager candidates can check their performance in the examination and can tally their marks.

UPSSSC Comb. Lower Subordinate 6th March 2016:

Directions (Question No. 1 to Question no.3):

Seven cars C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6 and C7 are parked in a parking lot. Further it is known that C3 is 10m towards the south of C1. C6 is 7m towards the north of C7, which is 10 m towards the south of C5. C4 is 10 m towards the east of C6, which is 3m towards the west of C1. C2 is 3m towards the east of C5.

  1. How far and in which direction is C3, with respect to C2?
    (a) 10m, south
    (b) 13m, south
    (c) 10m, north
    (d) 13m, north
  2. Which among the following cars are collinear?
    (a) C5, C2, C1
    (b) C1, C4, C3
    (c) C1, C6, C4
    (d) C1, C6, C7
  3. If a car C8 is parked exactly betwen C5 and C7, then how far is C6 with respect to C8?
    (a) 1 m
    (b) 2m
    (c) 3m
    (d) 4m
  4. ACDF is related to CGJN in the same way as BEHI is related to-
    (a) DJNQ
    (b) DINQ
    (c) DINR
    (d) DHNQ
  5. A & B invest in a business in the ratio 3:2. If 5% of the total profit goes to charity and A’s share is Rs.
    (a) Rs. 1425
    (b) Rs. 1500
    (c) Rs. 1537.50
    (d) Rs. 1576
  6. 8 is related to 128 in the same way as 6 is related to-
    (a) 43
    (b) 72
    (c) 44
    (d) 84
  7. Find the no. of triangles in given figure-
    Image loading
    (a) 20
    (b) 24
    (c) 28
    (d) 32
  8. If 2×7=408 and 9×8=207 then the value of 13×7=?
    (a) 190
    (b) 91
    (c) 901
    (d) 109
  9. The number of deaths among the army personnel in 8 is 1000, but among the civilian population it is 20 per 1000. Which one of the following inferences can be drawn from this statement?
    (a) It is better to join army.
    (b) The relationship is fortuitous
    (c) Quality of life index is very high with in the armed force
    (d) None of the above
  10. If the average of a and b is (an+1+bn+1/an+bn) then the value of n is-
    (a) 0
    (b) 1
    (c) 2
    (d) 4
  11. People who are bald and generally wise, Anil is bald, so Anil is wise-
    (a) True
    (b) Partially
    (c) Wrong
    (d) Cannot say
  12. If JNU is written as 101714132106, the PUSA will be written-
    (a) 1113171923052106
    (b) 1715122308150122
    (c) 1611210619080126
    (d) 1611012621061907
  13. How many numbers will be there between 300 and 500, where 4 comes only one time?
    (a) 99
    (b) 100
    (c) 110
    (d) 120
  14. Which is the missing number in the following series?
    4, 8, 9, 27, 16, 64, ……125
    (a) 90
    (b) 25
    (c) 35
    (d) 20
  15. If 6×7=2, 3×5=5 and 5×8=0 then the value of 6×8-
    (a) 8
    (b) 6
    (c) 68
    (d) 0
  16. Which among the following is different from others?
    (a) To accept
    (b) To take
    (c) To receive
    (d) To exchange
    Directions (Question No. 17 to Questions No. 21)
    study the following pie-chart and bar-graph carefully to answer the question The pie-chart gives the break-up of the no. of students in six schools.
    Image loading….
    Total Number of students: 8,500
    Image loading….
  17. How many boys are studying in school D?
    (a) 780
    (b) 800
    (c) 840
    (d) 850
  18. The number of boys in schools E is what percent less than the number of boys in school A and B together?
    (a) 32%
    (b) 36%
    (c) 37.5%
    (d) 56.25%
  19. In which of the following school is the ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls, the highest?
    (a) 9:5
    (b) 7:8
    (c) 5:4
    (d) 3:2
  20. In which of the following school is the ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls, the highest?
    (a) B
    (b) F
    (c) D
    (d) A
  21. If 20% of boys and 12% of girls are non-local students, how many local students are there in all the given schools together?
    (a) 7072
    (b) 7602
    (c) 7312
    (d) 7582
  22. If the code of ‘FILO’ is ‘BCDE’. Then the code of ‘XURO’ will be-
    (a) HGFE
    (b) HGEF
    (c) HGGF
    (d) GHFE
  23. In a certain code ‘MEAN’ is written as $57* and ‘DOME’ is written as 93$5. How is MOAN written in that code?
    (a) $*37
    (b) 3$7*
    (c) $73*
    (d) $37*
  24. (256)0.16 x (256)0.09=?
    (a) 4
    (b) 16
    (c) 64
    (d) 256.25
  25. which one term is wrong in the following series?
    3, 7, 17, 41, 85, 179
    (a) 17
    (b) 85
    (c) 179
    (d) 41
    Part-II: General Awareness
  26. First International Yoga Divas was celebrated on-
    (a) 2 July 2015
    (b) 21 June 2015
    (c) 1 July 2015
    (d) 14 July 2015
  27. The Official bird of Uttar Pradesh is-
    (a) Peacock
    (b) Saras
    (c) Parrot
    (d) Cuckoo
  28. Which one of the following is not a constitutional body?
    (a) Union Public Service Commission
    (b) State Public Service Commission
    (c) Finance Commission
    (d) Planning Commission
  29. Who published ‘Indu Prakash’ in 1962?
    (a) Justice Ranade
    (b) V.N. mandlik
    (c) Navjeevan Chandra Roy
    (d) None of these
  30. Dr. Bheem rao Ambedkar Museum & Library is situated in
    (a) Rampur
    (b) Agra
    (c) Lucknow
    (d) Kanpur
  31. The Birth place of Amir Khurso is-
    (a) Etah
    (b) kasganj
    (c) Kannoj
    (d) Lucknow
  32. Which belongs to hardware in Computer?
    (a) C+++
    (b) window 7
    (c) CD ROM
    (d) None of above
  33. ‘ALU’ stands for
    (a) Algebraic Logic Unit
    (b) Algorithmic Logic Unit
    (c) Arithmetic Logic unit
    (d) None of above
  34. the new High courts are-
    (a) Meghalaya, Assam, Nagaland
    (b) Meghalaya, Manipur, tripura
    (c) Mizoram, Meghalaya, Tripura
    (d) manipur, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh
  35. The only state of India, where common civil code provision is applicable
    (a) Goa
    (b) jammu & Kashmir
    (c) Kerala
    (d) Assam
  36. Who was the chief guest of republic day 2016 ceremony?
    (a) francois Hollande
    (b) Barack Obama
    (c) Shinzo Abe
    (d) None
  37. Who is the founder of computer?
    (a) Herman Hollerith
    (b) Bill Gates
    (c) Newton
    (d) Charles babbage
  38. The minimum age required to becomes a member of rajya sabha is-
    (a) 21 years
    (b) 25 years
    (c) 30 years
    (d) 35 years
  39. The NABARD was established in which year?
    (a) 1970
    (b) 1975
    (c) 1977
    (d) 1982
  40. Who among the following was the first Nawab of Awadh?
    (a) Asaf0-ud-daula
    (b) Saadat Khan
    (c) Shuja-ud-daula
    (d) safdarjung
  41. The World Environment Day is celebrated on
    (a) 5 June
    (b) 1 December
    (c) 14 November
    (d) 15 August
  42. ‘The turbulent years: 1980-1996″ is written by
    (a) Pranab Mukherjee
    (b) Kailash satyarthi
    (c) Dr. K. K. Mohammad
    (d) Keneth Baker
  43. Who was ‘Man of the series’ in test series Dec. 2015 played between India vs South Africa?
    (a) Ab De Villiers
    (b) Hashim amla
    (c) Ravichandran Ashwin
    (d) Virat kohli
  44. How many women members were in Indian Constitutional Assembly?
    (a) 12
    (b) 13
    (c) 15
    (d) 17
  45. Lion safari in U.P. is situated at-
    (a) Kannoj
    (b) Lucknow
    (c) Noida
    (d) Etawah
  46. Famous Charkula dance is associated with-
    (a) Avadh
    (b) Bundelkhand
    (c) Brijbhumi
    (d) Rohilkhand
  47. Which one of the following is the primary sector of India’s economy?
    (a) Agriculture
    (b) Industry
    (c) Cooperative
    (d) None of the above
  48. Who was the chairman of 7th pay commission?
    (a) Arvind Pangadia
    (b) Ashok Kumar Roy
    (c) Ashok Kumar Mathur
    (d) Anil Sinha
  49. Export – Import (Exim) bank was set up in the year-
    (a) 1981
    (b) 1982
    (c) 1985
    (d) 1989
  50. Who is the first Indian Woman to win an Asian games gold in 400m run?
    (a) M.L. valsamma
    (b) P.T. Usha
    (c) Kamljit sandhu
    (d) K. Malleshwari
  51. The first meeting of the SAARC was held in-
    (a) Dhaka, Bangladesh
    (b) Bangalore, India
    (c) Kathmandu, Nepal
    (d) Islamabad, Pakistan
  52. Which of the following countries won the ‘Davis Cup’ 2015?
    (a) Belguim
    (b) Japan
    (c) Russia
    (d) Great Britain
  53. Which is the first district court in country that is fully powered by solar energy?
    (a) Jalaun
    (b) Khunti
    (c) Jaipur
    (d) Bangalore
  54. Who adopted the policy of “Iron & Blood”?
    (a) Balban
    (b) Allouddin Khilzi
    (c) Mohd. Bin Tughlak
    (d) Babar
  55. Tipu Sultan was the ruler of-
    (a) Hyderabad
    (b) Madurai
    (c) Mysore
    (d) Vijya Nagar
  56. The 52nd Amendment to the Constitution of India deals with
    (a) Defection
    (b) Reservation
    (c) Election
    (d) Protection of the minorities
  57. Who wrote the famous song ‘Saare Jahan Se Achcha Hindustan Hamara’?
    (a) Sahir Ludhianvi
    (b) Sir Sayyad Ahmed Khan
    (c) Sir Muhammad Iqbal
    (d) Bahadur shah Zafar
  58. Palli Movement is related to-
    (a) Orissa
    (b) Tamil Nadu
    (c) Maharashtra
    (d) Gujarat
  59. Where is Bharat Kala Bhavan situated?
    (a) Lucknow
    (b) Varanasi
    (c) Allahabad
    (d) Agra
  60. First National Human Development Report was issued in-
    (a) 2001
    (b) 2002
    (c) 2009
    (d) 2007
  61. Who won 2016 Australian open Title of Tennis in the women’s singles category?
    (a) Staffi graf
    (b) Angelique Kerber
    (c) Serena Williams
    (d) Jamie Murray
  62. The biggest inscription in Ashoka’s main inscriptions is-
    (a) 11th
    (b) 12th
    (c) 13th
    (d) 14th
  63. The state where there is no Regional Rural bank-
    (a) Sikkim
    (b) Manipur
    (c) Jammu & kashmir
    (d) Nagaland
  64. Sex ratio in Uttar Pradesh according to census 2011 is –
    (a) 898
    (b) 910
    (c) 912
    (d) 920
  65. The smallest country of the world is-
    (a) Nepal
    (b) Vatican City
    (c) Maldiv
    (d) Sri Lanka
  66. In Sindhu Civilization, Residual of Horse’ bones were founded in-
    (a) Banwali
    (b) Chanhudaro
    (c) Sutkagandor
    (d) Surkotada
  67. grenada is situated in
    (a) arabian sea
    (b) caribbean sea
    (c) china sea
    (d) None of above
  68. In the second nationalization of commercial banks, ………….banks were nationalized.
    (a) 4
    (b) 5
    (c) 6
    (d) 8
  69. Which one is artificial port?
    (a) Chennai
    (b) Vishakhapatnam
    (c) Mumbai
    (d) None of above
  70. Literary Award Bharat Bharti 2014 has been given to ____
    (a) Uday Pratap Singh
    (b) Gopal das ‘Neeraj’
    (c) Radha Govind Pathak
    (d) Kashinath Singh
  71. The island known as ‘The Land of Golden fleece’ is-
    (a) Europe
    (b) Asia
    (c) Africa
    (d) Australia
  72. Which of the following is the classical dance of Uttar Pradesh?
    (a) Kathakali
    (b) Bhangra
    (c) Kathak
    (d) Kuchipudi
  73. Which country does not exist in ‘BRICS’?
    (a) South Africa
    (b) India
    (c) Russia
    (d) Bangladesh
  74. Which committee recommended for three-tier Panchayat System?
    (a) Ashok Mehta
    (b) L.M. Singhvi
    (c) Dinesh goswami
    (d) Balwant ray Mehta
  75. ‘HRIDAY’ Yojna is related to
    (a) Human body
    (b) Science & Technology
    (c) Digital Talent
    (d) National Heritage Development
    Part-III: General Science /Arithmetic
  76. If the average of a number,  its 50% and its 25% is 210, the number is
    (a) 280
    (b) 320
    (c) 360
    (d) 400
  77. If 22x+4=16x, then 2x is equal to
    (a) 2
    (b) 4
    (c) 8
    (d) 16
  78. Which one is lightest gas in the following?
    (a) Neon
    (b) Helium
    (c) Nitrogen
    (d) Oxygen
  79. The Head office of ISRO is situated in
    (a) New Delhi
    (b) Bangalore
    (c) Ahmedabad
    (d) None of above
  80. B.A.R.C is situated in-
    (a) Srinagar
    (b) Trambe
    (c) Pune
    (d) Hyderabad
  81. The area of a square with perimeter 48 cm is
    (a) 144 sq. cm
    (b) 156 sq. cm
    (c) 170 sq. cm
    (d) 175 sq. cm
  82. 860% of 50+50% of 860 is equal to-
    (a) 430
    (b) 516
    (c) 860
    (d) 960
  83. In an examination 35% of the students passed and 455 students failed. How many students appeared for the examination?
    (a) 490
    (b) 700
    (c) 845
    (d) 1300
  84. The sum of all four angles of a rectangle is
    (a) 180°
    (b) 360°
    (c) 720°
    (d) 1440°
  85. two numbers x and y are in the ratio 5:7 and their sum in 36, than x is
    (a) 12
    (b) 15
    (c) 18
    (d) 19
  86. On simplification 4√27-2√48+√147 gives
    (a) 27√3
    (b) -3√3
    (c) 9√3
    (d) 11√3
  87. The areas of a circle and a square are equal. The ratio of their perimeter will be-
    (a) π:2
    (b) √π:2
    (c) 2:π
    (d) 1:1
  88. The average of five results is 46 and that of the first four results is 45. The fifth result is?
    (a) 1
    (b) 10
    (c) 12.5
    (d) 50
  89. 30% of 50m is?
    (a) 30
    (b) 24
    (c) 36
    (d) 15
  90. Study of wound is known as-
    (a) calology
    (b) Oncology
    (c) traumatology
    (d) dermatology
  91. Which of the following study is related with pediatrics?
    (a) bone disease
    (b) heart disease
    (c) Infant disease
    (d) eye disease
  92. rickets is caused by deficiency of which of these?
    (a) Vitamin D
    (b) Vitamin C
    (c) Vitamin K
    (d) Vitamin A
  93. ‘Find the value of ‘p’ if the roots of the following quadratic equation are equal-
    (a) 4
    (b) -4
    (c) 3
    (d) 9
  94. A motor-boat whose speed is 9 km/hr in still water, goes 12 km downstream and comes back in a total time of 3 hours. Find the speed of the stream.
    (a) 3 km/hr
    (b) 4 km/hr
    (c) 6 km/hr
    (d) 9 km/hr
  95. If (x – a) is a factor of x² – 7 x + 2 a, find the value of ‘a’
    (a) 5
    (b) -5
    (c) 6
    (d) 4
  96. Condition for two perpendicular lines-
    (a) m1 x m3 = – 1
    (b) m1 x m2 = 1
    (c) m1 = m2
    (d) None of these
  97. A rectangular grassy plot 110 m by 65 m has a gravel path 2.5 m wide all round it on the inside. Find the cost of gravelling the path at 80 paise per sq. meter.
    (a) 591
    (b) 599
    (c) 670
    (d) 680
  98. Myopia is a related to-
    (a) Nearby object is not visible
    (b) Distant object not visible
    (c) Near & Distant both not visible
    (d) None of these
  99. What is invented by Alfred Nobel?
    (a) Microphone
    (b) Typewriter
    (c) Dynamite
    (d) Gramophone
  100. Insulin is a type of-
    (a) Hormone
    (b) Enzyme
    (c) Vitamin
    (d) Salt
  101. The height of an equilateral triangle is √6 cm. The area will be-
    (a) 2√3 sq. cm
    (b) 3√3 sq. cm
    (c) 2√2 sq.m
    (d) 6√2 sq. m
  102. The length of diagonal a cube is 6√3 cm. Then volume will be-
    (a) 216 sq.m
    (b) 216 cm³
    (c) Both (a) & (b)
    (d) 216 m³
  103. If 10 men or 18 boys can complete a work in 15 days, then in how many days, 25 men and 15 boys can complete the double of that work?
    (a) 9/2
    (b) 9
    (c) 36
    (d) 18
  104. The difference between interests of two banks on Rs. 500 for 2 years is Rs. 2.50. What will be the difference in the rate of interest?
    (a)  1%
    (b) 0.5%
    (c) 0.25%
    (d) 2.5%
  105. If one side of an equilateral triangle is 4√3 cm, then what will be its area?
    (a) 12√3 sq. cm
    (b) 12/√3 sq. cm
    (c) 24/√3 sq. cm
    (d) 24√3 sq. cm
  106. Missing number is-
    0, 24, 120, 360, ?
    (a) 460
    (b) 625
    (c) 720
    (d) 840
  107. Sound intensity of a musical instrument is measured in
    (a) Mho
    (b) Henry
    (c) Lux
    (d) Decibel
  108. A gardener plants 17956 trees in such a way that there are as many rows as there are in a row. The number of trees in a row is-
    (a) 136
    (b) 134
    (c) 144
    (d) 154
  109. If 0.13 ÷p² = 13, then value of p is-
    (a) 0.01
    (b) 0.1
    (c) 10
    (d) 154
  110. Blood bank of human body is known as-
    (a) Spleen
    (b) Liver
    (c) Heart
    (d) Kidney
  111. Latent heat of ice is –
    (a) 80 kcal/gm
    (b) 80 Cal/gm
    (c) 540 Cal/gm
    (d) None of above
  112. Baking powder is-
    (a) Sodium Carbonate
    (b) Sodium Bicarbonate
    (c) Sodium Sulfate
    (d) Sodium Sulfate
  113. In which disease vaccine, B. C. G. is used?
    (a) Diphtheria
    (b) Tuberculosis
    (c) Tetanus
    (d) Measles
  114. If y = 3 x + 12 and y = 5, What is x ?
    (a) 7/3
    (b) 3/7
    (c) -7
    (d) -7/3
  115. 840, 168, 42, 14, 7, (……..) ?
    (a) 1
    (b) 9
    (c) 7
    (d) 12
  116. If √2 = 1.4142, then value of 7/(3 + √2)
    (a) 1.5858
    (b) 4.4142
    (c) 3.4852
    (d) 3.5852
  117. Find the missing value-
    √(?/3136) = 1/2
    (a) 748
    (b) 784
    (c) 788
    (d) None
  118. Dynamo converts energy-
    (a) Electrical to Mechanical
    (b) Magnetic to Electrical
    (c) Mechanical to Electrical
    (d) None of above
  119. The sum of square and product of two number are 557 & 266 respectively. The numbers will be-
    (a) 7,6
    (b) 27, 23
    (c) 17, 14
    (d) 19, 14
  120. The ratio of ages of Meena and her mother is 3: 8. The difference in their age is 35 years. The ratio of their age after four years will be-
    (a) 5: 12
    (b) 24: 35
    (c) 3: 12
    (d) None
  121. If (√3)^5 x 9² = 3^n x 3√3, then value of n-
    (a) n = 3
    (b) n = 4
    (c) n = 5
    (d) None
  122. The value of (0.00032)^0.6 = ?
    (a) 0.8
    (b) 0.08
    (c) 0.008
    (d) 0.0008
  123. Which is not rightly matched?
    (a) Vitamin C – Ascorbic Acid
    (b) Vitamin B1 – Thiamin
    (c) Vitamin D – Retinal
    (d) Vitamin K – Napthoquinone
  124. The mirror used in motor vehicles to see the side objects is-
    (a) Convex Mirror
    (b) Concave Mirror
    (c) Plane Mirror
    (d) None of these
  125. Stainless Steel is a mixture of elements.
    (a) Iron + Carbon
    (b) Iron + Zinc
    (c) Copper + Zinc
    (d) Iron + Nickel + Chromium
  126. Square root of (8 + 2√5)
    (a) (√5 + √2)
    (b) (√3 + √2)
    (c) (√5 + √3)
    (d) 2√3 + 5√5)
  127. The value of √(2 + √2 + √2 + …….)
    (a) 1
    (b) 1.5
    (c) 2
    (d) 2.5
  128. The average of 7 consecutive numbers is 20, then what will be the largest number among those numbers?
    (a) 24
    (b) 23
    (c) 22
    (d) 20
  129. Who invented Penicillin?
    (a) Edward Jenner
    (b) Alexander Fleming
    (c) Louis Pasteur
    (d) Ian Fleming
  130. Ptyalin Enzyme is related to-
    (a) Intestinal Juice
    (b) Gastric Juice
    (c) Saliva
    (d) None of above
  131. The ratio of hydrogen and oxygen in water by weight is-
    (a) 2: 1
    (b) 1: 2
    (c) 8: 1
    (d) 1: 8
  132. Industrial Toxicology Research Center is situated in
    (a) Pune
    (b) Rishikesh
    (c) Lucknow
    (d) Ranchi
  133. Which vitamin is not soluble in fats?
    (a) Vitamin A
    (b) Vitamin D
    (c) Vitamin K
    (d) Vitamin B & C
  134. Out of 100 students in a class, 60 take tea, 40 take coffee and 25 take both. The number of students not taking either tea or coffee is
    (a) 28
    (b) 25
    (c) 30
    (d) 32
  135. Hitesh is 40 years old and Ronnie is 60 years old. How many years ago was the ratio of their ages 3: 5?
    (a) 5 years
    (b) 20 years
    (c) 10 years
    (d) 37 years
  136. If 2^(2n – 1) = 1/8^(n – 3) then the value of n is-
    (a) 3
    (b) 2
    (c) 0
    (d) -2
  137. Blood group ‘O’ is called-
    (a) Universal Donor
    (b) Universal Receptor
    (c) Both
    (d) None of these
  138. Firstly who used ‘Ecosystem’ word?
    (a) A. G. Tensley
    (b) Bohr
    (c) J. J. Thomson
    (d) Newton
  139. ‘Photosynthesis’ reaction convert- light Energy into-
    (a) Heat Energy
    (b) Chemical Energy
    (c) Electrical Energy
    (d) Sound Energy
  140. The unit number in 7^65 x 6^41 x 3^57 :
    (a) 7
    (b) 6
    (c) 3
    (d) None
  141. L. C. M. of 0.36, 1.2 and 4.8 is-
    (a) 57.5
    (b) 38.2
    (c) 14.4
    (d) None
  142. Which is not a polar compound?
    (a) HCL
    (b) HF
    (c) CCL4
    (d) H2O
  143. What are the primary colors?
    (a) Red
    (b) Green
    (c) Blue
    (d) All of these
  144. Shortage of which element causes Goiter disease ?
    (a) Nitrogen
    (b) Calcium
    (c) Iodine
    (d) Phosphorus
  145. Which of the following is the smallest bone in the human body?
    (a) Vomer
    (b) Malleus
    (c) Stapes
    (d) Incus
  146. Magnetite is
    (a) Fe2O3
    (b) Fe3O4
    (c) FeCO3
    (d) 2Fe2O3.3H2O
  147. √3969/? – 19 = 107
    (a) 1/4
    (b) 1/9
    (c) 1/16
    (d) 1/25
  148. What should be subtracted from 5/14 so that the resultant fraction is 7/42?
    (a) 1/21
    (b) 2/21
    (c) 4/21
    (d) 5/21
  149. What is the cathode in dry cell?
    (a) Copper
    (b) Iron
    (c) Silver
    (d) Zinc
  150. If x + 1/x = 5, what will be the value of x² + 1/x²?
    (a) 20
    (b) 25
    (c) 23
    (d) 27

सामान्य हिन्दी

  1. ‘पानी पीकर जात पूछना’ का अर्थ है-
    (a) अनोखा काम करना
    (b) विपरीत काम करना
    (c) काम निकलने के बाद सोचना
    (d) आराम से विचार करना
  2. ‘लालटेन’ शब्द निम्न वर्गो में से किस वर्ग में आता है ?
    (a) तत्सम
    (b) तद्भव
    (c) देशज
    (d) विदेशज
  3. ‘यशोदा’ में प्रयुक्त संधि का नाम है-
    (a) स्वर
    (b) व्यंजन
    (c) विसर्ग
    (d) इनमे से कोई नहीं
  4. निम्नलिखित में से किस वाक्य में अकर्मक क्रिया है?
    (a) पानी बरस रहा है |
    (b) मई गेहूं पिस्वाता हूँ |
    (c) श्याम निबंध लिखता है |
    (d) राम मोहन को रुला रहा है |
  5. अर्थ के आधार पर शब्द कितने प्रकार के होते हैं?
    (a) 3
    (b) 4
    (c) 5
    (d) 6
  6. ‘मुझे’ किस प्रकार का सर्वनाम है ?
    (a) उत्तम पुरुष
    (b) मध्यम पुरुष
    (c) अन्य पुरुष
    (d) इनमे से कोई नहीं
  7. शुद्ध शब्द चुनिए –
    (a) गंगा-जल
    (b) वे-बुनियाद
    (c) बढ़ा-सा
    (d) चौ-पाया
  8. ‘पावन’ का संधि विच्छेद होगा –
    (a) पा + वन
    (b) प + आवन
    (c) पौ + अन
    (d) पो + अन
  9. भावयुक्त शुद्ध अनुवाद चुनिए –
    ‘I was over-joyed’
    (a) मैं उल्लिसित था |
    (b) मैं ख़ुशी से ऊपर था |
    (c) मेरा दिल बाग-बाग हो गया |
    (d) मेरी ख़ुशी ज्यादा थी |
  10. वाक्यों का वर्गीकरण मुख्यतः कितने प्रकार से होता है ?
    (a) 2
    (b) 3
    (c) 6
    (d) 8
  11. ‘कहावत’ शब्द में प्रयुक्त प्रत्यय है –
    (a) हावत
    (b) वत
    (c) कह
    (d) आवत
  12. ‘उद्धत’ का विलोम शब्द है –
    (a) सौख्य
    (c) उत्तम
    (d) कोमल
  13. ‘घर’ का पर्यावाची शब्द है –
    (a) विहार
    (b)  इला
    (c) आश्रम
    (d) गेह
  14. पार्थिव-
    (a) जिसका सम्बन्ध मनुष्यों से है|
    (b) जिसका सम्बन्ध प्रथा से है|
    (c) जिसका सम्बन्ध ईश्वर से है |
    (d) जिसका सम्बन्ध पृथ्वी से है |
  15. विपरीतार्थक शब्द चुनिए – ‘शोषक’
    (a) शोषित
    (b) पोषक
    (c) पोसक
    (d) शोषण
  16. शुद्ध वाक्य चुनिए- (विराम चिन्ह)
    (a) आप शायद पटना के रहने वाले है |
    (b) आप शायद पटना के रहने वाले हैं |
    (c) “आप शायद पटना के रहने वाले हैं”
    (d) आप शायद पटना के रहने वाले हैं
  17. ‘हढ़ौती’ बोली –
    (a) पश्चिमी राजस्थान की
    (b) पूर्वी राजस्थान की
    (c) दक्षिणी राजस्थान की
    (d) उत्तरी राजस्थान की
  18. अघोष वर्ण कौन सा है ?
    (a) अ
    (b) ज
    (c) ह
    (d) स
  19. एक ही समय में वर्तमान –
    (a) आजीवन
    (b) शाश्वत
    (c) समसामयिक
    (d) समानुकूल
  20. प्रेमचन्द्र के अधूरे उपन्यास का नाम है-
    (a) गबन
    (b) रंगभूमि
    (c) मंगलसूत्र
    (d) सेवासदन
  21. ‘तिलक’ किस प्रकार का शब्द है?
    (a) तत्सम
    (b) तद्भव
    (c) देशज
    (d) संकर
  22. ‘अंडे का शहजादा’ का अर्थ है-
    (a) कमजोर व्यक्ति
    (b) चालक व्यक्ति
    (c) अनुभवी व्यक्ति
    (d) अनुभवहीन व्यक्ति
  23. ‘कुर्सी पर मास्टर जी बैठे हैं’ इस वाक्य में ‘कुर्सी’ शब्द किस कारक में है?
    (a) करण कारक
    (b) सम्प्रदान
    (c) संबंध
    (d) अधिकरण
  24. प्रत्युत्पन्नमति –
    (a) उत्तर न देने की क्षमता
    (b) जो फिर से उत्पन्न हुआ हो
    (c) जिसकी बुद्धि में नई-नई बात उत्पन्न होती हो
    (d) जो तत्काल सोचकर उत्तर दे सके
  25. बहुव्रीय समास का उदहारण कौन सा है?
    (a) पंचवटी
    (b) करोढ़पति
    (c) चतुर्भुज
    (d) चरण कमल



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