Get here TSPSC HMWSSB Manager Engineer Answer Key. Telangana PSC successfully conducted the exam for Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board as a Manager (Engineering) on 1st November 2015, at a various selected center in the State. A lot of Aspirant appeared in TSPSC HMWSSB Manager Engineer exam. Official TSPSC HMWSSB Manager Engineer Answer Key will be released soon on official website

TSPSC HMWSSB Manager Engineer exam held for fill the 146 post. Aspirants will be eager to know their performance in the TSPSC HMWSSB Manager Engineer examination. Before Official TSPSC HMWSSB Manager Engineer Answer Key, Solved paper providing you an unofficial TSPSC HMWSSB Manager Engineer Answer Key. Through an unofficial Answer Key candidate can check their performance in the examination.

TSPSC HMWSSB Manager Engineer Answer Key:

  1. Who gave the famous slogan ‘Educate, Organize and Agitate ‘
    (a) Ambedkar
    (b) Karl Marx
    (c) Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
    (d) Vallab Bhai Patel
  2. Which one of the following is NOT a feature of 73rd Constitt1fional Amendment
    (a) Reservations to SC & ST in local bodies
    (b) Reservations for women in local bodies
    (c) Compulsory Elections for Local Bodies within 5 years
    (d) Reservation for OBC, in Local Bodies
  3. The Mandal Commission was appointed during the Prime Ministership of
    (a) Indira Gandhi
    (b) Morarji Desai
    (c) VP. Singh
    (d) P.V. Narasimha Rao
  4. Dinesh Goswami Committee was appointed to deal with
    (a) Education Reforms
    (b) Economic Reforms
    (c) Electoral Reforms
    (d) Legal Reforms
  5. Right to Information contributes
    (a) Transparent Governance
    (b) Stable Governance
    (c) Closed Governance
    (d) Dictatorial Governance
  6. The National Food Security Act, 20 13 does not include
    (a) Mid-day meals Scheme
    (b) Integrated Child Development Services
    (c) Public Distribution System
    (d) Supply of food for all
  7. The Consumer Protection Act envisages its machinery at
    (a) The National level
    (b) The National, State and District levels
    (c) The National and State levels
    (d) The State and District levels
  8. The Indian Federalism is drawn from
    (a) United States of America
    (b) Britain
    (c) Canada
    (d) Germany
  9. The disputes between Government of India and one or more states can be heard by Supreme Court under its
    (a) Original Jurisdiction
    (b) Advisory Jurisdiction
    (c) Appellate Jurisdiction
    (d) Nominal Jurisdiction
  10. Inclusive Growth Strategy was adopted first time in
    (a) 10th Five Year Plan
    (b) 11th Five Year Plan
    (c) 12th  Five Year Plan
    (d) 6th Five Year Plan
  11. The Bayyaram Tank was built by
    (a) Rudra Deva
    (b) Rudrama Devi
    (c) Mailamba
    (d) Ganapati Deva
  12. Which Qutub Shabi king was called as ‘Malkibarama’
    (a) Jamsheed Qutub Shah
    (b) Ibrahim Qutub Shah
    (c) Abdulla Qutub Shah
    (d) Mohammad Qutub Shah
  13. Who supported Turrebaz Khan during the 1857 revolt?
    (a) MaskwiAli
    (b) Dilwar Khan
    (c) Moulvi Ala-ud-din
    (d) Abbaz Khan
  14. Who was conferred with D.L., an Honorary Degree by Oxford University
    (a) Sarojini Naidu
    (b) Ali Yavar Jung
    (c) Salar Jung l
    (d) Salarjung ill
  15. Whom did SalarJung I appoint as the Revenue Minister?
    (a) Mukharam-ud-daula Bahadur
    (b) ShamshirJung Bahadur
    (c) Shahab JungBahadur
    (d) Bassalat Jung Bahadur
  16. Which one of the following was not built during the reign of the last Nizam?
    (a) Wyra Project
    (b) Palair Project
    (c) Nizam Sagar
    (d) Hussain Sagar
  17. Who wrote “Our Struggle for Emancipation ”
    (a) V. Shyam Sundar
    (b) B.S. Venkat Rao
    (c) P.R. Venkataswamy
    (d) Bhagya Reddy Varma
  18. Who were the Editors of the Rahbar-e-Deccan  News  paper published  in Hyderabad
    (a) Ahmed Mohiuddin and Abdulla Khan
    (b) Bahadur Yar Jung and Kasim Razvi
    (c) Nizamat Jung and Bahadur Yar Jung
    (d) Akbar Hydari and Ahmed Arif
  19. Who was the British Resident at the time of 1857 Revolt in Hyderabad?
    (a) Davidson
    (b) Kirk Patrick
    (c) Henry Russel
    (d) Charles Metcalf
  20. Who among the following Hyderabadi joined the Azad Hind Fauz?
    (a) Abid Hasan Safrani
    (b) Shaik Mohiuddin
    (c) Ramakrishna Dhoot
    (d) Ravi Narayana Reddy
  21. Who was the Governor-General of India during the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War?
    (a) Warren Hastings
    (b) Lord Wellesley
    (c) Lord Dalhousie
    (d) Lord Minto
  22. Which of the following books was written by Raja Ram Mohan Roy?
    (a) Gift to Monotheist
    (b) Whither India
    (c) The Destiny of Human Life
    (d) Neel Darpan
  23. Who was the leader of the Young Bengal Movement
    (a) Keshab Chandra Sen
    (b) Ishwar Chandra Vidya Sagar
    (c) Derozio
    (d) Debendranath Tagore
  24. Who founded the Satya Shodhak Samaj?
    (a) B.R Ambedkar
    (b) J0tiba Phule
    (c) G.H. Deshmukh
    (d) M.G. Ranade
  25. In which year theArya Samaj was founded?
    (a) 1875
    (b) 1861
    (c) 1774
    (d) 1880
  26. Who led the Bardoli Satyagraha
    (a) Vallab Bhai Patel
    (b) Rajendra Prasad
    (c) Motilal Nehru
    (d) Jayaprakash Narayan
  27. Who among the following was not a member of the Congress Socialist Party
    (a) Jaya Prakash Narayan
    (b) Acharya Narendra Dev
    (c) Achyut Patwardhan
    (d) Motilal Nehru
  28. Which book of Tolstoy influenced Mahat1na Gandhi
    (a) The Nation
    (b) The Kingdom of God is with in you
    (c) War & Peace
    (d) Honesty
  29. Who among the following was not associated with the assassination of Saunders at Lahore
    (a) Chandrasekhar Azad
    (b) Bhagat Singh
    (c) Uddam Singh
    (d) Raj Guru
  30. ‘Dyarchy’ was the most important feature of
    (a) 1892 Act
    (b) 1909Act
    (c) 1919 Act
    (d) 1935Act
  31. In Telangana State, red soils are predominant with a percentage  of area about
    (a) 48%
    (b) 55%
    (c) 59%
    (d) 62%
  32. The Headquarter of Northern Telangana Agro Climatic Zone is located at
    (a) Karimnagar
    (b) Manchiryal
    (c) Warangal
    (d) Jagitial
  33. The percenta ge of rainfall Telangana State receives through south-west monsoon
    (a) 70%
    (b) 80%
    (c) 90%
    (d) 95%
  34. Kawai wild life sanctuary is located at
    (a) Pocharam
    (b) Jannaram
    (c) Eturunagaram
    (d) Pakhala
  35. InTelangana, the mineral which contributed highest value, after coal, in the year 2013-14
    (a) Iron ore
    (b) Manganese
    (c) Lime Stone
    (d) Granite
  36. Major source of power inTelangana at present is
    (a) Thermal
    (b) Rydel
    (c) Nuclear
    (d) Bio-fuel
  37. Aero space industry in Hyderabad is located at
    (a) Turkapally
    (b) Tukkuguda
    (c) Adibatla
    (d) Pollepalli
  38. The district of Telangana with the highest percentage of ST population
    (a) Warangal
    (b) Khammam
    (c) Adilabad
    (d) Mahaboobnagar
  39. Number of districts that the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Area (HMDA) spreads over
    (a) Three
    (b) Five
    (c) Four
    (d) Six
  40. Mission Kakatiya does not aim at
    (a) Desilting Tank beds
    (b) Strengthening Tank bunds
    (c) Repairing the feeder channels
    (d) Linking of Tanks
  41. A linejoining places with equal amount of rainfall is
    (a) Isohel
    (b) Isohyet
    (c) lsoneph
    (d) Isonif
  42. Which of the following earth quake waves are most destructive
    (a) Surface Waves
    (b) P-Waves
    (c) R-Waves
    (d) L-Waves
  43. Which  one of the following mountain chains has two  dissimilar  types of vegetation on its two slopes/sides
    (a) Aravalis
    (b) Eastern Ghats
    (c) Vindhyas
    (d) Western Ghats
  44. Terra Rossa is a type of
    (a) Mountain
    (b) Ocean  Trench
    (c) Fish
    (d) Soil
  45. Indigenously built Atomic Power Station in India
    (a) Narora
    (b) Rawat Bhala
    (c) Tarapore
    (d) Kalpakkam
  46. The greatest potential for the generation of Tidal Power in India is available at
    (a) Konkan Coast
    (b) Coromandal Coast
    (c) Malabar Coast
    (d) Gujarat Coast
  47. Which of the following characteristics of a population is not evident from a population pyramid?
    (a) Age Structure
    (b) Sex Structure
    (c) Race Structure
    (d) Dependency Ratio
  48. The percentage of population on earth lives south of the equator?
    (a) 10%
    (b) 20%
    (c) 25%
    (d) 40%
  49. T-Hub inHyderabad is located at
    (a) IIT Hyderabad
    (b) IIIT Hyderabad
    (c) HCU
    (d) Raheja Mind Space
  50. India ‘s decadal population growth rate has been continuously declined since
    (a) 1971-1981
    (b) 1981-1991
    (c) 1991-2001
    (d) 2001-2011
  51. The sound waves with frequency below 16 Hz are called
    (a) Infrasonic
    (b) Ultrasonic
    (c) Esonic
    (d) Extrasonic
  52. Which of the following is not a parasitic disease
    (a) Filariasis
    (b) Malaria
    (c) Tuberculosis
    (d) Leishmaniasis
  53. The Test that identifies Sugar levels in human blood is
    (a) H1N1
    (b) Hb2C
    (c) H5N1
    (d) HbA1C
  54. Excess nitrates in drinking water causes
    (a) Fluorosis
    (b) Anaemia
    (c) Methemoglobinemia
    (d) Reproductive product
  55. Relative loudness of sound is measured in
    (a) Megables
    (b) Decibels
    (c) Pebbles
    (d) Coenoble
  56. The pH value of an acid is
    (a) Below 7
    (b) Above  7
    (c) Equal to 7
    (d) Equal to 0
  57. SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) caused by
    (a) Virus
    (b) Leishmania
    (c) Bacteria
    (d) Tripanosoma
  58. During the process of inspiration of lungs, which of the following is pumped into blood
    (a) Nitrogen
    (b) Carbon dioxide
    (c) Oxygen
    (d) Carbon monoxide
  59. The scientific study of earthquakes is known as
    (a) Seismology
    (b) Cosmology
    (c) Ecology
    (d) Pathology
  60. Right part of the Human Heart contains
    (a) Deoxygenated blood
    (b) Dehydrogenated blood
    (c) Oxygenated blood
    (d) Hydrogenated blood
  61. First order consumers are
    (a) Omnivores
    (b) Decomposers
    (c) Herbivores
    (d) Carnivores
  62. Plasma phase is one state of matter that exists at a temperature of the order of
    (a) 10K
    (b) 100 K
    (c) 1000K
    (d) 10000K
  63. As per WHO, the most wide spread nutritional deficiency, world wide is
    (a) Iron
    (b) Calcium
    (c) Potassium
    (d) Sodium
  64. The triple point of water is around
    (a) 100° C
    (b) 100° K
    (c) 273° K
    (d) 273° C
  65. Which gas is responsible for the characteristic smell of the sea
    (a) Acetylene
    (b) Ammonia
    (c) Dimethyl sulfide
    (d) TetrasuLfllric Dichloride
  66. Which of the following writs is issued by the higher judiciary incase of illegal detention Qf a person?
    (a) Quo Warranto
    (b) Habeas Corpus
    (c) Mandamus
    (d) Certiorari
  67. Separation of Judiciary from Executive is enjoined by
    (a) VII schedule to the Constitution
    (b) Judicial Decisions
    (c) Directive Principle of State Policy
    (d) Preamble to the Constitution
  68. The day on which the Constituent Assembly adopted the Constitution of India.
    (a) 25 October, 1948
    (b) 25 October, 1949
    (c) 26 November, 1948
    (d) 26 November, 1949
  69.  Which of the following Constitutional provisions directs the State to preventconcentration of wealth and means of prod uction in a few to the common detriment?
    (a) Article 39 (c)
    (b) Article 39 (b)
    (c) Article 39 (d)
    (d) Article 39 (e)
  70. The newly inserted Article 43-B inthe Constitution deals with
    (a) Partici pation of workers in the management of industries
    (b) Promotion of cooperative societies
    (c) Unifonn civil code for all citizens
    (d) Provision for early childhood care and education
  71. Which provision of the Constitution empowers the President to appoint the National Commission for Backward Classes?
    (a) Article 342
    (b) Article 344
    (c) Article 340
    (d) Article 339
  72. Which of the following is not an eligibility condition to be a jud ge of the Supreme Court of India?
    (a) Judge of one or more High Courts for at least five years
    (b) An advocate of Supreme Court for at least ten years
    (c) A distinguished jurist in the opinion of the President
    (d) Above 45 years of age
  73. Which of the following is not a standing committee of Parliament?
    (a) Public Accounts Committee
    (b) Ethics Committee
    (c) Select and Joint Committees on Bills 
    (d) Business Advisory  Committee
  74. What is the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences is called
    (a) Magsaysay Award
    (b) Swedish Bank  Prize
    (c) Joho von Neumann Award
    (d) The Sveriges Riksbank Prize
  75. The popular ‘Fair’ celebrated by Gonds in Adilabad district
    (a) Sammakka Sarakka
    (b) Nagoba
    (c) Teez
    (d) Komarelli
  76. The inclusion of which caste in North India in the list of backward classes was struck down by the Supreme Court recently?
    (a) Patels
    (b) Meenas
    (c) Jats
    (d) Gujjars
  77. The word ‘Thari’ in Telangana  denotes:
    (a) Land having water source
    (b) Land without water source
    (c) Forest land
    (d) Grazing land
  78. The ‘Jammi’ leaves given to each other on the eve of Dasara festival in Telangana are called
    (a) Prasadam
    (b) Bonam
    (c) Nyvedyam
    (d) Bangaram
  79. Who led the TNGO’s Strike during 1969 Telangana Movement.
    (a) Sridhar Reddy
    (b) Madan Mohan
    (c) Amos
    (d) Keshava Rao
  80. Who was the play back singer of the song “Palleturi Pillaged…..” in the film
    (a) P. Leela
    (b) S. Janaki
    (c) Sandhya
    (d) P. Susheela
  81. The Six-Point Formula was incorporated  in the Constitution of India under Article
    (a) 371-A
    (b) 371-B
    (c) 371-C
    (d) 371-D
  82. The degree college in which Dr. Jaya Shankar served as the Principal
    (a) Kakatiya College
    (b) Mahboob College
    (c) Nizam College
    (d) C.K.M. College
  83. Which of the following food item was registered as a Geographical Indication (GI) recently?
    (a) Hyderabad Biryani
    (b) Rasagulla
    (c) Hyderabad Haleem
    (d) Double ka Meeta
  84. Who among the following will be treated as ‘Backward Classes’ as per 2014 Judgement of the Supreme Court?
    (a) Refugees
    (b) Disabled persons
    (c) Transgenders
    (d) Displaced persons
  85. Which University conferred the ‘Lit Honoris Causa’ on Dr. BR Ambedkar in 1953.
    (a) Osmania University
    (b) Columbia University
    (c) Marathwada University
    (d) University of London
  86. How many riparian states are there in Godavari Basin?
    (a) Five
    (b) Seven
    (c) Three
    (d) Six
  87. TMC is an acronym of
    (a) Thousand Million Cubic Meters
    (b) Ten Million Cubic Feet
    (c) Thousand Million Cubic Feet
    (d) Ten Million Cubic Meters
  88. ‘Pranahita’ river consists of which of the following rivers?
    (a) Pen Ganga, Wardha and Waine Ganga
    (b) Porna, Pen Ganga and Wardha
    (c) Pravara, Waine Ganga and Manair
    (d) Kolab, Ward.ha and Pen Ganga
  89. In which district is the proposed lchampalli project located?
    (a) Karimnagar
    (b) Adilabad
    (c) Medak
    (d) Nizamabad
  90. Who was the Chairman of the Godavari Water Dispute Tribunal?
    (a) Brijesh Kumar
    (b) R.S. Bachawat
    (c) M.P. Singh
    (d) R.S. Sarkaria
  91. Who among the following officers contributed immensely  for abolition of Vetti/Begar inTelangana region?
    (a) J.M. Girglani
    (b) V. Sundareshan
    (c) S R Sankaran
    (d) PVRK Prasad
  92. The famous centre of Pilgrimage in Medak district is
    (a) Idupula Paya
    (b) Edu Payala
    (c) Moodu Payala
    (d) Aru Payala
  93. Devadula project is situated in the district of
    (a) Warangal
    (b) Khammam
    (c) Medak
    (d) Adilabad
  94. ‘Gun Park’ denotes
    (a) Police Head Quarters in Telangana
    (b) Memorial of Telangana Martyrs
    (c) Head Quarters of Golconda Army
    (d) Park Housing Memorial of Police Martyrs
  95. ‘Konda gattu ‘ is famous for
    (a) Temple of SriAnjaneya Swamy
    (b) Temple of Narasimha Swamy
    (c) Temple of Venkateswara Swamy
    (d) Temple of Ayyappa Swamy
  96. The first day of ‘Bathukamma ‘ celebrations is called
    (a) Toli poddu
    (b) Saddulu
    (c) Engili poolu
    (d) Samburalu
  97. Telangana Government announced Kaloji Narayan Rao’s Birth day as
    (a) Telangana Official Language Day
    (b) Telangana  LanguageDay
    (c) Telangana Heritage Day
    (d) Telangana Cultural Day
  98. Which one of the following country has partnered with India to develop Brahmos missile
    (a) UK
    (b) Israel
    (c) USA
    (d) Russia
  99. Which one of the following National Laboratory is located in Hyderabad?
    (a) Research Centre Imarat (RCI)
    (b) National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL)
    (c) Defence Research & Development Establishment (DRDE)
    (d) Centre for Air Borne Systems (CABS)
  100.  Which one of the following is a Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM)
    (a) Agni-4
    (b) Prithvi
    (c) K4
    (d) Akash
  101. The main objective of Jalaharam, a new Policy of the Government of Telangana State is
    (a) To secure water for the industries
    (b) To save rain water
    (c) To supply drinking water
    (d) To supply water for irrigation
  102. Which Union Budget proposed to set up India,s First Women’s Bank under Public sector
    (a) 2012-2013 Budget
    (b) 20 13-2014 Budget
    (c) 20 14-20 15 Budget
    (d) 2010-2011 Budget
  103. As per 2011 Census, Female Literacy rate in Telangana State is
    (a) 80.89%
    (b) 73%
    (c) 57.99%
    (d) 60%
  104. Value of all goods and services produced within a year is called
    (a) Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
    (b) Gross National Product (GNP)
    (c) Net National Product (NNP)
    (d) Human Development Index (HDI)
  105. National Income at Factor Cost means
    (a) National Income at Market Prices – Indirect Taxes + Subsidies
    (b) National Income at Market Prices + Indirect Taxes + Subsidies
    (c) National Income at Market Prices – Subsidies + Indirect Taxes
    (d) National Income at Market Prices – Subsidies – Indirect Taxes
  106. Lalith Bhargava Committee was reviewed on
    (a) Revenue & Expenditure
    (b) Irrigation
    (c) Land returns
    (d) Industrial development
  107. The Sree Nidhi Credit Co-operative Federation Ltd. has come forward for promotion of
    (a) Dairy Activities
    (b) Egg Production
    (c) Fish Production
    (d) Vegetables
  108. Gross State Domestic Product of Telangana State during the year 2014-15 in
    (a) Rs. 2 lakh crores
    (b) Rs. 3 lakh crores
    (c) Rs. 4 lakh crores
    (d) Rs. 5 lakh crores
  109. Honey processing unit for agency tribals established by Girijan Co-operative Corporation Limited at
    (a) Kamareddy
    (b) Nirmal
    (c) Eturnagaram
    (d) Kondangula
  110. Urban population in Telangana as per 2011 Census
    (a) 25.5%
    (b) 38.88%
    (c) 40%
    (d) 45.5%
  111. The veteran cricketer from Hyderabad is known as cultivated stylist
    (a) VVS Laxman
    (b) Azharuddin
    (c) Jaisimha
    (d) Arshad.Ayoob
  112. The player from WarangaJ who revolutionized Indian Ball badminton is
    (a) Rajaiah
    (b) J.Pitchaiah
    (c) R. Mallaiah
    (d) T.Lakshmaiah
  113. Who is playing the lead role inEktha Kapoor’s biopic on Hyderabad cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin
    (a) Sharuk Khan
    (b) Abhishek Bachchan
    (c) Emraan Hashmi
    (d) Saif Ali Khan
  114. Which is the most affected tribal cornmWlity due to the proposed Polavaram project?
    (a) Gonds
    (b) Chenchus
    (c) Gotti koyas
    (d) Lambadas
  115. Which town in Telangana was originally h’.llown as Indur?
    (a) Nizamabad
    (b) Mahabubnagar
    (c) Karimnagar
    (d) Medak
  116. Dr. M.M.Kalburgi, the writer who was killed recently was to the former Vice­ Chancellor of which University.
    (a) Karnataka University
    (b) Mysore University
    (c) Hampi University
    (d) Gulbarga University
  117. Alexis TSipras is the Prime Minister of
    (a) Britain
    (b) Australia
    (c) Greece
    (d) Germany
  118. The following is Not true about Prime Ministers foreign visits in the month of July 20 15
    (a) Visit to Uzbekistan
    (b) Visit to Cambodia
    (c) Visit to Tajikistan
    (d) Visit to Kyrgyzstan
  119. The first IntenrntionaJ Day of Yoga was celebrated on
    (a) 2nd May 2015
    (b) 25th June 2015
    (c) 21st June 2015
    (d) 25th May 2015
  120. Which Academy announces Nobel Prizes
    (a) Royal Society of Canada
    (b) Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
    (c) Royal Norwegian Academy of Sciences
    (d) Royal Society of New South Wales


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