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TSPSC AE Answer Key 2015:

Organization Name:Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC)
Post Name: Assistant Engineer (Civil & Mechanical) post
Total Vacancies:1058vacancies
Exam Name: Telangana PSC Assistant Engineer Exam 2015
Exam Type: Written Examination
Date of Exam: 07th November 2015

  1. Which of the following latitudes is a Great circle?
    (a) 23 1/2°N
    (b) 23 1/2° S
    (c) 66° N
    (d) 0° N
  2. Karewa soils are formed due to the deposition by
    (a) Glaciers
    (b) Rivers
    (c) Waves
    (d) Winds
  3. Which state has witnessed rapid urbanisation during 2001-2011?
    (a) Kerala
    (b) Maharashtra
    (c) Gujarat
    (d) Karnataka
  4. The cheapest option for the long distance freight movement is known to be
    (a) Roadways
    (b) Railways
    (c) Airways
    (d) Waterways
  5. Ground Station of Satellite data retrieval in India is located at
    (a) Ahemadabad
    (b) Shadnagar
    (c) Dehradun
    (d) Sriharikota
  6. Number of Towns in India as per 2011 Census is
    (a) 5161
    (b) 7935
    (c) 4041
    (d) 3799
  7. Rainshadow area of Western Ghats have
    (a) Tropical wet & dry climate
    (b) Arid subtropical climate
    (c) Humid subtropical climate
    (d) Tropical semi-arid steppe climate
  8. The Environmental movement which was against testing missiles on the land
    (a) Bishnoi movement
    (b) Silent valley movement
    (c) Baliyapal movement
    (d) Posco movement
  9. In Telangana State, families of farmers who have committed suicide are given compensation of
    (a) Rs. 10 lakh
    (b) Rs. 5 lakh
    (c) Rs. 15 lakh
    (d) Rs. 6 lakh
  10. Out of the total labour force, the percentage of workers engaged in construction in Telangana in 2014 was
    (a) 10%
    (b) 9%
    (c) 8%
    (d) 6%
  11. ITIR Stands for
    (a) International Technology Investment Region
    (b) Industrial Technology Investment Region
    (c) Information Technology Based Industrial Region
    (d) Information Technology Investment Region
  12. A person registered under the MGNERGA is guaranteed
    (a) 150 days of work
    (b) 125 days work
    (c) 175 days of work
    (d) 100 days of work
  13. The First Open University of India was established in
    (a) Ahmedabad
    (b) Hyderabad
    (c) Allahabad
    (d) New Delhi
  14. As per 2011 Census density of Population in Telangana State
    (a) 306
    (b) 350
    (c) 382
    (d) 392
  15. Hyderabad Tenancy and Agriculture Land Act was enacted in the year
    (a) 1948
    (b) 1950
    (c) 1956
    (d) 1975
  16. Which district has the highest ST Population Share in its total Population
    (a) Khammam
    (b) Adilabad
    (c) Nalgonda
    (d) Warangal
  17. Major source of irrigation for agriculture in the Telangana State
    (a) Canals
    (b) Tanks
    (c) Wells
    (d) Water-Harvesting Pits
  18. Industrial growth rate of Telangana during the year 2014-15
    (a) 3.1 percent
    (b) 4.1 percent
    (c) 5.1 percent
    (d) 6.1 percent
  19. Who won the Gold Medal for weight lifting in the women section in Common Wealth Championship, 2015 held in Pune
    (a) Thuram Priyadarshini
    (b) Indira Priyadarshini
    (c) Karan Malleswari
    (d) Kandukuri Rameshwari
  20. In Telangana, Agriculture sector contributed to GSDP at currect prices for the year 2014-15
    (a) 17.5%
    (b) 25%
    (c) 57.1%
    (d) 70%
  21. The Objective of “Inclusive growth” is emphasized in which plan?
    (a) Eight Plan
    (b) Ninth Plan
    (c) Tenth Plan
    (d) Eleventh Plan
  22. The Chauri-Chaura incident took place in the year
    (a) 1920
    (b) 1922
    (c) 1925
    (d) 1930
  23. Planning Commission was set up in the year
    (a) 1947
    (b) 1948
    (c) 1950
    (d) 1951
  24. As per 2011 Census lowest literacy rate district in Telangana State
    (a) Medak
    (b) Mahaboobnagar
    (c) Adilabad
    (d) Khammam
  25. Who described the revolt of 1857 as the first war of Indian Independence?
    (a) Ashok Mehta
    (b) V.D. Savarkar
    (c) S.N. Sen
    (d) R.C. Majumdar
  26. The Third Anglo-Maratha was ended in the year
    (a) 1792
    (b) 1798
    (c) 1805
    (d) 1818
  27. Who Championed the case of Dalit communities in Travancore State?
    (a) Ayyankali
    (b) Kelappun
    (c) Sahadevan
    (d) Ayyappan
  28. Identify the first Indian Native Ruler who accepted the Subsidiary Alliance System introduced by Lord Wellesley:
    (a) Hyder Ali
    (b) Ranjit Singh
    (c) Nizam Ali Khan
    (d) Nawab of Bhopal
  29. Who was known as the “Frontier Gandhi”?
    (a) M.A. Jinnah
    (b) Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
    (c) Abul Kalam Azad
    (d) Mohammad Ali
  30. Who propounded the theory of “Drain of Wealth”?
    (a) Dadabhai Naoroji
    (b) Mahatma Gandhi
    (c) M.G. Ranade
    (d) B.G. Tilak
  31. The Soldier who revolted against the British at Barrackpore in 1857 and became at Martyr:
    (a) Cheeda Khan
    (b) Kunwar Singh
    (c) Mangal Pande
    (d) Bahadur Shah
  32. Who among the following took part in the Quit India Movement?
    (a) Motilal Nehru
    (b) Dadabhai Naoroji
    (c) M.G. Ranade
    (d) Aruna Asaf Ali
  33. Which political party gave the slogan “One Vote-Two States” in the context of Telangana Statehood?
    (a) Congress Party
    (b) Communist Party of India
    (c) Bharatiya Janata Party
    (d) Telangana Rashtra Samiti
  34. In Telangana “Budubunga’ is
    (a) a tree
    (b) a bird
    (c) a type of pot
    (d) a fruit
  35. Hitabodini Newspaper was edited by
    (a) B. Srinivasa Sharma
    (b) Devulapalli Ramnuja Rao
    (c) Dasarathi Rangacharya
    (d) Madapati Hanmantha Rao
  36. Secunderabad was named after whom?
    (a) Secunder Pasha
    (b) Secunder Bakht
    (c) Secunder Jha
    (d) Secunder Lodhi
  37. The Hali Sicca was introduced by
    (a) Quli Qutub Shah
    (b) Salar Jung I
    (c) Mir Alam
    (d) Bahadur yar Jung
  38. The Mozam Jahi Market in Hyderabad was named after
    (a) the second son of Osman Ali Khan
    (b) the first son of Osman Ali Khan
    (c) the brother of Osman Ali Khan
    (d) the grandson of Mehabub Ali Khan
  39. Identify the commander-in-chief who led the Nizam’s Army during the Operation Polo:
    (a) Laiq Ali
    (b) Kasim Razvi
    (c) S.A. Eldruss
    (d) Mehdi Yar Jung
  40. During the 1857 revolt in Hyderabad Turrebaz Khan was shot dead at
    (a) Medak
    (b) Shamirpet
    (c) Toopran
    (d) Bhongir
  41. Khilashapuram in Warangal district was associated with
    (a) Padmanayakas
    (b) Sarvai Papnna
    (c) Akkanna-Madanna
    (d) Gona Budda Reddy
  42. Prataparudra-Yashobushnam was written by
    (a) Vidyanatha
    (b) Ketana
    (c) Potana
    (d) Thikkana
  43.  The sequence of eating and being eaten in an ecosystem is called as
    (a) Ecological Niche
    (b) Food Chain
    (c) Food level
    (d) Tropic structure
  44. Who proposed the term ecosystem?
    (a) Rieter
    (b) Odum
    (c) Earnest Haekel
    (d) Tansely
  45. Name of the Indian Research Station at Antarctica:
    (a) Haridwar
    (b) Dakshin Gangotri
    (c) Aboa
    (d) Mendel Pola Station
  46. When was Biodiversity Act enacted in India?
    (a) 1st October 2013
    (b) 1st March 1999
    (c) 3rd November 1980
    (d) 3rd April 1972
  47. The process of converting a gas into liquid is known as
    (a) Melting
    (b) Condensation
    (c) Freezing
    (d) Vaporization
  48. India’s First dedicated Multi-Wavelength Space Observatory launched by ISRO is
    (a) ASTROSAT
    (b) SPCESAT
    (c) CASMOSAT
    (d) CARTOSAT
  49. Which country is recognized as one of the mega diversity centres?
    (a) Thailand
    (b) India
    (c) Bangladesh
    (d) Pakistan
  50. In a Human body, the size of the
    (a) Right lung is larger than the left lung
    (b) Right lung is smaller than the left lung
    (c) Right lung is equal to the left lung
    (d) Lungs changes & no fixed size
  51. In a water solution, a base substance will release
    (a) H-ion
    (b) OH-ion
    (c) Oxygen
    (d) Hydrogen
  52. The term’Ratooning’ is associated  with following crop
    (a) Wheat
    (b) Sugar-cane
    (c) Cotton
    (d) Tobacco
  53. Which one of the following is India’s Supersonic Cruise Missile?
    (a) Agni-2
    (b) Brahmos
    (c) Nag
    (d) Trishul
  54. Where is Integrated Test Range (ITR) facility of DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) is located?
    (a) Hyderabad
    (b) Pune
    (c) Dehradun
    (d) Balasore
  55. Chakali Ailamma fought against Landlord of
    (a) Palakurthi
    (b) Kadivendi
    (c) Visnur
    (d) Jangaon
  56. ‘Maneru’ river is a tributary of
    (a) Godavari
    (b) Krishna
    (c) Penganga
    (d) Manjeera
  57.  The Devadasi/Jogini System Prevalent in Telangana would be violative of which of the fundamental rights?
    (a) Right to Equality
    (b) Right against Exploitation
    (c) Right to Freedom of Religion
    (d) Right to Life and Personal Liberty
  58. The total number of tanks/lakes proposed to desilted under the scheme of ‘Mission Kakatiya’ of Telangana Government
    (a) 9300
    (b) 8212
    (c) 46500
    (d) 5400
  59. For which noval Ampa Shayya Naveen got ‘Kendra Sahitya Academy’ award?
    (a) Kala Megham
    (b) Teleanganam
    (c) Ampa Shayya
    (d) Kala Rekhalu
  60. Identify the Law Professor who was a member of the Sri Krishan Committee:
    (a) Prof. Vikram Singh
    (b) Prof. Ranabir Singh
    (c) Prof. V.K Duggal
    (d) Prof. K. Nageshwar Rao
  61. Which town was the district head-quarter prior to formation of Mahaboobnagar district?
    (a) Gadwal
    (b) Wanaparthy
    (c) Nagarkurnool
    (d) Narayanpet
  62. The famous sand Artist from India
    (a) Sunder Patnaik
    (b) Sudheer Raghavan
    (c) Sudharshan Patnaik
    (d) Sadasiv Dube
  63. Who among the following, the Indian Constitution recognizes as a minority?
    (a) Linguistic
    (b) Gender Based
    (c) Regional based
    (d) Forest-based
  64. National Commission for Women was established in the Year
    (a) 1992
    (b) 1993
    (c) 1991
    (d) 1996
  65. Whose Ph.D thesis was entitled “The Problem of the Rupee: Its origin and its solution”?
    (a) Dr. Manmohan Singh
    (b) Dr. C. Rangarajan
    (c) Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia
    (d) Dr. B.R Ambedkar
  66. Which Country has awarded ‘Order de la Democracia Simon Bolivar’ to Indian Spiritualist Sri Ravi Shankar Guruji, for helping to restore peace in their country?
    (a) Bolivia
    (b) Colombia
    (c) Paraguay
    (d) Cyprus
  67. Who is the author of the famous song “Jaya Jayahe Telangana”?
    (a) Goreti Venkanna
    (b) Gaddar
    (c) Guda Anjaiah
    (d) Ande Sri
  68. In which place the first Indian Defence Industrial Park is proposed?
    (a) Kerala
    (b) Goa
    (c) Madhya Pradesh
    (d) West Bengal
  69. According to the recent report of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), what is the National suicides rate for one lakh population in India in 2014?
    (a) 10.6
    (b) 10.2
    (c) 9.8
    (d) 9.5
  70. The Novel written by Dasharathi Rangacharya with the backdrop of Telangana Peasants
    (a) Gangu
    (b) Prajalal Manishi
    (c) Cheekati Rojulu
    (d) Jana Padam
  71. Prime Minister’s Kaushal Vikas Yojana is meant for
    (a) To provide employment for youths
    (b) To provide pensions for unemployed youth
    (c) To encourage skill development for youth
    (d) To provide financial support for entrepreneurs youngs
  72. As per Tourism Ministry Govt. of India, which State was attracted more National and International tourists in the year 2014?
    (a) Telangana
    (b) Kerala
    (c) Andhra Pradesh
    (d) Tamil Nadu
  73. Name the French company that support ‘Make in India’
    (a) Airbus
    (b) Airjet
    (c) Airmate
    (d) Airmate
  74. Name of the painting that Narendra Modi has given as a gift to France President Francois Holland:
    (a) Jeevan Jyothi
    (b) Jeevana Vruksham
    (c) Grama Jyothi
    (d) Bharatha Jyothi
  75. The Chemico Corp. of which country recently India entered an agreement to import 3,220 Metric tonnes of Uranaium?
    (a) Australia
    (b) Canada
    (c) Germany
    (d) France
  76. As a part of tour to which country Narendra Modi inaugurated International Yoga Day website?
    (a) Canada
    (b) Germany
    (c) America
    (d) France
  77. Indian origin American, who is appointed as American Ambassador to Sri Lanka and Maldives:
    (a) Richard Verma
    (b) Atul Kashyap
    (c) Bobby Jindal
    (d) Chivkula Upendra
  78. According to the National Geographic Travel Magazine the rank given to Hyderabad among the Best of the World 20 places you should see in 2015
    (a) Two
    (b) Four
    (c) Six
    (d) Twelve
  79. Name the Foundation stated by Nana Patekar to help the families of suicide farmers in the Vidarbha region:
    (a) Satnam Foundation
    (b) NAP Foundation
    (c) NAM Foundation
    (d) Nana Foundation
  80. Name the pension scheme launched by the Telangana Government.
    (a) Bharosa
    (b) Aasara
    (c) Roshini
    (d) Sahaya
  81. The winner of Nobel Prize in Literature in 2015, Svetlana ALexievich belongs to which country?
    (a) Russia
    (b) Tunisia
    (c) Czechoslovakia
    (d) Belarus
  82. Who was the first writer to return the Honour given by the Sahitya Akademi protesting against rising intolerance in the country in 2015?
    (a) Nayanatara Sahgal
    (b) Waryam Sandhu
    (c) Ajmer Singh Aulakh
    (d) Sarah Joseph
  83. The Director of Telugu Film “Nimajjanam” which won the Best Telugu Film National Award in 1979 hailed from Karimnagar District. What is his Name
    (a) M. PRabhakar Reddy
    (b) B.S. Narayana
    (c) Tyagaraju
    (d) Narsinga Rao
  84. The Popular Dance form during the Kakatiya period was
    (a) Chindu
    (b) Yakshaganam
    (c) Perini Shivatandavam
    (d) Kakatikeli
  85. How many spokes are there in the Ashok Chakra of the National Flag?
    (a) 24
    (b) 34
    (c) 26
    (d) 36
  86. Who Organizes World Twenty-20?
    (a) BCCI
    (b) HCCI
    (c) ICC
    (d) CIC
  87. In Telangana villages Ganagalam is used for which pupose/
    (a) Cooking food
    (b) Storage of water
    (c) Storage of Grain
    (d) Measuring Grain
  88. Who composed Music to the recent Telugu Movie Rudramadevi?
    (a) A.R. Rahman
    (b) Keeravani
    (c) S.S. Taman
    (d) Ilayaraja
  89. Komaravelli Mallanna Temple is located in the district of
    (a) Medak
    (b) Medak
    (c) Ranga Reddy
    (d) Warangal
  90. The famous Telugu Film Lyricist Chandra Bose belongs to which district?
    (a) Krishan
    (b) Prakasam
    (c) Warangal
    (d) Karimnagar
  91. The other name of the earthquake occurred in Nepal in April 2015
    (a) Himalaya Earthquake
    (b) Gurkha Earthquake
    (c) Similing Buddha
    (d) Terai Earthquake
  92. Which Constitutional Amendment provided that at least 2/3rd members of a legislature party should agree for a valid merger with another political party?
    (a) 91st Amendment 2003
    (b) 91st Amendment 2004
    (c) 91st Amendment 2005
    (d) 91st Amendment 2006
  93. Which of the following statements is true in respect of the Supreme Court and High Court?
    (a) The High Courts have no original jurisdiction to protect fundamental rights.
    (b) The Supreme Court is an umpire in resolving inter-state disputes in all cases
    (c) The jurisdiction of High Courts under Article 226 is wider than that of the Supreme Court under Article 32.
    (d) The jurisdiction of the Supreme Court under Article 32 is wider than that of High Court under Article 226.
    (a) (a) and (b) only
    (b) (b) and (c) only
    (c) (c) only
    (d) (d) only
  94. Article 105 of the Constitution deals with
    (a) Powers, Privileges, etc of the Houses of Parliament, its members and members of committees thereof
    (b) Powers, Privileges, etc of Houses of Parliament only
    (c) Powers, Privileges, etc of Parliament members only
    (d) Powers, Privileges, etc of the State Legislatures and their Committees
  95. The President enjoys pardoing powers under
    (a) Article 72 of the Constitution
    (b) Article 73 of the Constitution
    (c) Article 74 of the Constitution
    (d) Article e75 of the Constitution
  96. Which is an Instrument used by the Carpenters?
    (a) Hammer
    (b) Sword
    (c) Badisha
    (d) Karru
  97. ICRA ranked Telangana State A+ for the following reason:
    (a) Telangana is a newly formed state
    (b) Prompt Repayment of Loans
    (c) Telangana has very good State’s own tax revenue
    (d) Telangana has very large Land Bank
  98. To ensure impartiality, the retired judges of the Supreme Court are debarred from practicing law
    (a) in any Court other than State High Courts
    (b) in any arbitration proceedings
    (c) in any Court of India
    (d) in any Court other than the Supreme Court
  99. Smt. Selvi Vs State of Karnataka is a landmark decision relation to
    (a) Narco-analysis tests
    (b) Encounter Killings
    (c) Death penalty
    (d) handcuffing of arrested persons
  100. Among the total members of Rajya Sabha, How many of them are nominated members?
    (a) 10
    (b) 12
    (c)  08
    (d) 02
  101. The Constitution Assembly of India was set-up
    (a) through a resolution of the Provisional
    (b) by the Indian National Congress
    (c) under the Indian Independence Act, 1947
    (d) under the Cabinet Mission Plan, 1946
  102. Jannai Suraksha Yojana of NRHM aims at
    (a) Health Education
    (b) Child care
    (c) Reducing maternal mortality
    (d) Vaccination of mothers
  103. Following is an important contentious issue between Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013 and Present Amendment Bill, 2015?
    (a) Financial Impact Assessment
    (b) Cultural Impact Assessment
    (c) Environmental Impact Assessment
    (d) Social Impact Assessment
  104. Which is an incorrect objective of RUSA?
    (a) Correcting regional imbalances in access to higher education.
    (b) Ensuring equity in higher education.
    (c) Ensuring availability of adequate Faculty
    (d) Encouraging establishment of private Universities
  105. Which is NOT the objective of Govt. of India programme ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’.
    (a) Prevention of gender-based sex selective elimination
    (b) Ensuring survival & protection of the girl child
    (c) Ensuring education and participation of the girl child
    (d) Ensuring employment to girl child
  106. ‘Ujwala’, the scheme of Govt. of India is meant for helping the victims of
    (a) Trafficking
    (b) AIDS
    (c) Bonded labour
    (d) Natural calamities
  107. The only express limitation imposed on the power of retrospective legislation is
    (a) under Article 20(1) with regard to penal laws
    (b) found in Article 245 with respect to extra-territoriality
    (c) found in Article 368 with reference to amendment power
    (d) found in the Basic structure theory
  108. The Power to impose and assess a tax
    (a) is not an essential legislative power
    (b) is an exercise of subordinate legislature
    (c) is an executive power
    (d) is an essential legislative function
  109. The Council of Minister shall be collectively responsible
    (a) to the House of the People
    (b) to the President of India
    (c) to the leader of the legislative party
    (d) to the leader of the opposition
  110. The President’s power to grant pardon is to be exercised
    (a) on the basis of Judicial opinion
    (b) by the President on his own
    (c) on the basis of Statute
    (d) on the advice of Council of Ministers
  111. A legislature in exercise of its legislative power cannot
    (a) extend to its own territory a law made by another legislture
    (b) directly override a Judicial decision
    (c) validate an ultra-vires legislation after becoming competent
    (d) make retropective legislation
  112. The Governor of a State
    (a) shall not be a member of either house of Parliament or any state Legislature
    (b) Should not be above 35 years of age
    (c) should not be an Indian citizen
    (d) should also hold any other office of profit?
  113. The Supreme Court has affirmed that it can order the restoration of the State Assembly dissolved by Presidential order in the case of
    (a) S.R. Bommai Vs. Union of India
    (b) State of Rajasthan Vs. Union of India
    (c) A.D.M Jabalpur Vs. Shukla S.S.
    (d) Radha Krishna Agarwal Vs. State of Bihar
  114. Which of the follwing district has the highest croppint intensity in 2012-13?
    (a) Nizamabad
    (b) Khammam
    (c) Karimnagar
    (d) Nalgonda
  115. ‘Enamamula’ in Telangana is famously known for
    (a) Textiles
    (b) Grain market
    (c) Silk
    (d) Pilgrimage centre
  116. The proposed ‘Pharma City’ by the Telangana Government will be located at
    (a) Jeedimetla
    (b) Shamshabad
    (c) Muccherla
    (d) Shamirpet
  117. Which of the following district ranked last in Human Development Index (HDI) of Telangana in 2011-12?
    (a) Medak
    (b) Mahaboobnagar
    (c) Nizamabad
    (d) Nalgonda
  118. Which among the following districts in Telangana State does not have inter-state boundary?
    (a) Ranga Reddy
    (b) Hyderabad
    (c) Nalgonda
    (d) Mahaboonagar
  119. Telangana Water Grid aims at providing  drinking water to
    (a) Town and Villages
    (b) Greater Hyderabad only
    (c) Rural areas only
    (d) Major urban areas only
  120. Indravati is a tributary of
    (a) Mahanadi
    (b) Krishna
    (c) Godavari
    (d) Tungabhadra

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