Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Service Selection Commission (UPSSSC) had successfully conducted written exam of Forest Guard on 18 October 2015. UPSSSC Forest Guard exam held in the various center of selected cities. A lot of aspirants appeared in the UPSSSC Forest Guard Exam. This exam conducted for filling the 563 post. Official UPSSSC Forest Guard Answer key will be available soon on official website www.upsssc.gov.in. 

Before Official UPSSSC Forest Guard Answer key here is available unofficial UPSSSC Forest Guard Answer key. An Eager aspirant can check their performance in the examination and also download the Forest Guard Answer key 18 October 2015. For this examination only seven exam centers have been declared which were

  1. Lucknow
  2. Gorakhpur
  3. Raibareli
  4. Etawah
  5. Allahabad
  6. Barabanki
  7. Ghaziabad

UPSSSC Forest Guard Answer Key 18 October 2015:

Organization Name: Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Service Selection Commission.
Posts Name: Forest Guard, Vidhan Bhavan & Wildlife Guard
Total Posts: 563
Exam Type: Written Exam
Exam Date: 18th October 2015

Full Solution and Explanation is also available on Edupil.

UP Parichalak Answer Key                                                        UP Lekhpal Answer Key


PART-II (General Knowledge)

  1. Which of the following pair is incorrect?
    (a) Bada Imambara          -Lucknow
    (b) Nishat Bagh                -Jammu Kashmir
    (c) Ferozeshah Kotla        -Delhi
    (d) Humayun’s Tomb      -Allahabad
  2. In which state is the Chandra Prabha Sanctuary situated?
    (a) Uttar Pradesh
    (b) Rajasthan
    (c) Madhya Pradesh
    (d) Gujarat
  3. Arjuna award is associated with which of the following?
    (a) Dance
    (b) Cinema
    (c) Television
    (d) Sports
  4. Who is known’s ‘Nightinagale of India’?
    (a) Lata Mangeshkar
    (b) Indira Gandhi
    (c) Sarojini Naidu   
    (d) P.T. Usha
  5. Who was the first Vice President of India?
    (a) Dr. Zakir Hussain
    (b) Dr. S. Radha Krishnan
    (c) Shri V.V. Giri
    (d) Shri B.D. Jatti
  6. The unit of data storage in a computer is known as:
    (a) Byte
    (b) Bit
    (c) Kilo
    (d) Pixel
  7. Who became the first Woman Chief Minister of a state in India?
    (a) Smt. Fatema Bibi
    (c) Smt. Sucheta Kriplani
    (b) Smt. Vijay Laxmi Pandit
    (d) Smt. Durga Banerjee
  8. Among the following, who was the first to receive the ‘Bharat Ratna’ award?
    (a) Satyajit Ray
    (b) C. Rajagopalachari
    (c) Mother Teresa
    (d) C.V. Raman
  9. When is “International Women’s Day” celebrated?
    (a) 8 May
    (b) 8 April
    (c) 8 March
    (d) 8 June
  10. In terms of land area, what is the rank of Uttar Pradesh state in India?
    (a) First
    (b) Second
    (c) Third
    (d) Fourth
  11. Uttar Pradesh Government launched a scheme in May 2015, with the IVRS methodology. Which provides all information regarding bus services. What number is to be contacted for the same?
    (a) 149
    (b) 151
    (c) 161
    (d) 111
  12. Which Past Prime Minister is also known as “Man of Peace”?
    (a) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
    (b) Lal Bahadur Shastri
    (c) Rajeev Gandhi
    (d) Ch. Charan Singh
  13. What is India’s world ranking in terms of rice production?
    (a) First
    (b) Second
    (c) Third
    (d) Fourth
  14. Which is the smallest planet in the Solar System?
    (a) Saturn
    (b) Mercury
    (c) Mars
    (d) Venus
  15. Which country will host the World Cup Cricket t-20 in the Year 2016?
    (a) England
    (b) India
    (c) Sri Lanka
    (d) Australia
  16. Birju Maharaj is associated with which form of the classical dance?
    (a) Kathak Kali
    (b) Kathak
    (c) Bharatnatyam
    (d) Manipuri
  17. ‘Brahm Samaj’ was established by
    (a) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
    (b) Swami Vivekanand
    (c) Swami Dayanand Saraswati
    (d) Raj Gopal Chattopadhyay
  18. What do you mean by term ‘Currency’?
    (a) Unit of monetary value
    (b) Wages paid to an employee
    (c) Net Profit
    (d) Annual income of state
  19. Which state in India has the highest literacy rate?
    (a) Kerala
    (b) Tamilnadu
    (c) Andhra Pradesh
    (d) Maharashtra
  20. Which district in UP is famous for oil refineries?
    (a) Baraeilly
    (b) Varanasi
    (c) Mahoba
    (d) Mathura
  21. To whom does the President of India address his resignation letter?
    (a) Chief Justice of India
    (b) Prime Minister
    (c) Vice President
    (d) Chairperson of Lok Sabha
  22. In India which five year plan is currently in execution?
    (a) 9th
    (b) 11th
    (c) 10th
    (d) 12th
  23. Where is the silicon valley of India situated?
    (a) Chennai
    (b) Bengaluru
    (c) Noida
    (d) Mohali
  24. Which part of body is affected by Cholera?
    (a) Skin
    (b) Intestine
    (c) Lungs
    (d) Heart
  25. Quinine, the medicine for malaria is obtained from which tree?
    (a) Cinchona
    (b) Banyan
    (c) Neem
    (d) Eucalyptus
  26. Who is the author of novel ‘Ateet ke Chalchitra’?
    (a) Surender Kumar
    (b) Munshi Premchandra
    (c) Maithilisharan gupt
    (d) Mahadevi Verma
  27. Where in Uttar Pradesh, is the “Electronic City” being established?
    (a) Agra
    (b) Noida
    (c) Bareilly
    (d) Kanpur
  28. Which is the longest river in India?
    (a) Godavari
    (b) Yamuna
    (c) Ganga                             
    (d) Brahmputra
  29. What % of UP state’s total land area comes under forest area?
    (a) Approx 5.88%
    (b) Approx 6.88%
    (c) Approx 10.8%
    (d) Approx 9.01%
  30. Who is known as father of ‘Green Revolution’ in India?
    (a) Dr. RamaKrishnan
    (b) Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
    (c) Dr. Rangarajan
    (d) Dr. M.S. Swaminathan
  31. Which country is the leading producer of platinum in the world?
    (a) South Africa
    (b) India
    (c) China
    (d) Japan
  32. When is the National Sports Day celebrated in India?
    (a) 29 August
    (b) 14 November
    (c) 27 July
    (d) 2 October
  33. Who wrote “Saare Jahan se Accha, Hindustan Hamara”?
    (a) Rabindranath Tagore
    (b) Mohd. Iqbal
    (c) Mahatma Gandhi
    (d) C.R. Das
  34. The 5th Guru of Sikhs, Guru Arjun Dev Ji, was martyred on orders of which Mughal Emperor?
    (a) Akbar
    (b) Aurangzeb
    (c) Shahjahan
    (d) Jehangir
  35. Which is the most ancient “Purana”?
    (a) Matsya Purana
    (b) Vishnu Purana
    (c) Narada Purana
    (d) Vamana Purana
  36. The Present Central Government has replaced which commission in place of “Planning Commission”?
    (a) NITI Aayog
    (b) Pragati Aayog
    (c) UNNATI Aayog
    (d) GATI Aayog
  37. What is the minimum age for membership in Rajya Sabha?
    (a) 25 years
    (b) 30 years
    (c) 31 years
    (d) 35 years
  38. A calculator works on which operational approach of computers?
    (a) Hybrid Computer
    (b) Analog Computer
    (c) Digital Computer
    (d) None of these
  39. Which of the following gases, is primarily present in ‘Biogas’?
    (a) Methane
    (b) Chlorine
    (c) Helium
    (d) Nitrogen
  40. Who was awarded Rajeev Gandhi Khel Ratan award for the year 2014-15?
    (a) Rohit Sharma
    (b) Saina Nehwal
    (c) Sania Mirza
    (d) Sardar Singh
  41. Which is the longest bridge constructed over a river in India?
    (a) Godavari Setu                                -Godavari River
    (b) Vikramshila Setu                         -Ganga River
    (c) Nehru Setu                                    -Son River
    (d) Mahatma Gandhi Setu              -Ganga River
  42. When was the Uttar Pradesh Forest Corporation established?
    (a) 25 Nov. 1974
    (b) 25 Nov. 1975
    (c) 25 Nov. 1976
    (d) 25 Nov. 1977
  43. What was the ruling arena for Sikander Lodhi in India?
    (a) 1421-1434
    (b) 1451-1489
    (c) 1489-1517
    (d) 1517-1526
  44. Which factor is not considered to know the climate of any place?
    (a) Rain
    (b) Speed of air
    (c) No. of Trees
    (d) Humidity
  45. What is the Rank of India in the World in regard to road system?
    (a) Second
    (b) Fourth
    (c) Fifth
    (d) Sixth
  46. The Temperature on which any hard object is transformed into liquid form is called
    (a) Evaporation
    (b) Melting Point
    (c) Sublimation
    (d) Plasma
  47. Which of the following is not a source of carbohydrates?
    (a) Potato
    (b) Grains
    (c) Milk
    (d) Chicken
  48. What level of noise, is called “Noise Pollution”?
    (a) 80 Decibal
    (b) 100 Decibal
    (c) 120 Decibal
    (d) 140 Decibal
  49. When was “Samajwadi Pension Yojana” launched by U.P. Governemnt?
    (a) March 2015
    (b) January 2013
    (c) January 2014
    (d) January 2015
  50. Which places are going to be connected in first phase of Lucknow Metro by U.P. Govt?
    (a) Sachivalya -Gomtinagar
    (b) Sachivalya -Munshi Puliya
    (c) Transport Nagar-Char Bagh
    (d) Char Bagh-Hazrat Ganj

    Part-III (General Intelligence & Reasoning)

    Note: (Question No. 131 to 133): Find the odd man out from the given options:

  51. (a) Hindi
    (b) Urdu
    (c) Hindu
    (d) Maithili
  52. (a) Parrot
    (b) Fox
    (c) Camel
    (d) Cat
  53. (a) Triangle
    (b) Line
    (c) Square
    (d) Rectangle
  54. Fill in the blank with logical option:
    B, E, I, L, ___, S
    (a) P
    (b) Q
    (c) R
    (d) M
  55. ”HEART” is related to “BLOOD” in the same way as “LUNG” is related to
    (b) CHEST
    (c) OXYGEN
    (d) AIR
  56. “NARROW” is related to “BROAD” in the same way “THIN” is related to?
    (a) SMALL
    (b) FAT
    (c) LONG
    (d) POINTEDNote: (Question No. 137 to 141): Complete Analogy by Choosing a Correct Logical option in place of (?).
    (a) STUV
    (b) RSTU
    (c) QRST
    (d) PQRS
    (a) JCRR
    (b) JCCR
    (c) JRRC
    (d) JJRC
  59. 3:10::5: ?
    (a) 25
    (b) 15
    (c) 27
    (d) 26
  60. 11:17::19:?
    (a) 23
    (b) 29
    (c) 27
    (d) 31
    (a) PAIN
    (d) PLEASURE
  62. Arrange the following words in a meaningful sequence:
    (1) Uttar Pradesh (2) Universe (3) Lucknow        (4) World             (5) India
    (a) 3, 1, 5, 4, 2
    (b) 3, 4, 1, 5, 2
    (c) 3, 2, 1, 4, 5
    (d) 3, 5, 2, 1, 4
  63. Choose the Correct option in place of “?”
    121, 144, 169, ?, 225
    (a) 81
    (b) 100
    (c) 256
    (d) 196
  64. Complete the Alpha numeric series:
    2B, 4C, 8E, 14 H, ?
    (a) 22L
    (b) 16K
    (c) 20L
    (d) 20J
  65. Complete the series with logical option in place of “?”
    5, 18, ?, 174, 525, 1578
    (a) 72
    (b) 90
    (c) 82
    (d) 57
  66. Which is Logical equivalent series to 1050, 210, 42 series?
    (a) 95, 19, 3
    (b) 60, 12, 2
    (c) 125, 25, 6
    (d) 75, 15, 3
  67. In the given series, how many odd numbers are there which are immediately preceded by two even numbers.
    9, 8, 6, 4, 2, 7, 5, 6, 7, 3, 2, 1, 9, 4, 2, 3, 3
    (a) 2
    (b) 3
    (c) 4
    (d) 5
  68. Out of the following pairs, which one is different from other pairs?
    (a) 3, 11
    (b) 5, 13
    (c) 8, 16
    (d) 14, 24
  69. In a code language if ABCD is written as 2468 and EFGH is written as 1357; then how will be CAGE written as?
    (a) 6543
    (b) 6251
    (c) 6521
    (d) 6215
    Note: (Question No. 150 to 151): Find out the odd Option from the given series:
  70. 65, 120, 58, 195
    (a) 65
    (b) 120
    (c) 58
    (d) 195
  71. 16, 36, 64, 84
    (a) 16
    (b) 36
    (c) 64
    (d) 84
  72. Find the incorrect number from the following series:
    3, 10, 36, 180, 1080, 7560 ,60480
    (a) 10
    (b) 180
    (c) 1080
    (d) 60480
  73. A man walks 16 metre towards South and turns left and walks another 5 metre. Then he turns towards North and walks for 7 metres. After that he turns right and walks 12 metre. Finally he turns left and walks for another 9 metre. How for is he from starting point?
    (a) 16 metre
    (b) 17 metre
    (c) 18 metre
    (d) 19 metre
  74. ravi & Kishor got 13th & 14th rank respectively from the top in a class. If there are total 39 students in the class, find their rank from bottom.
    (a) 26th & 25th
    (b) 27th & 26th
    (c) 29th & 28th
    (d) 27th & 28th
  75. In a group of 5 girls, Neha is taller than Radha but is shorter than Anu. Radha is shorter than Anju but taller than Poonam. Who is the shortest in the group?
    (a) Anu
    (b) Radha
    (c) Poonam
    (d) Anju
  76. Five girls are sitting on a ladder. Sarla is sitting above Chitra and below Daisy. Vimmi is sitting right between Anu Sarla. Who is sitting at the top of the ladder?
    (a) Daisy
    (b) Anu
    (c) Vimmi
    (d) Chitra
  77. A man is 4 years elder to his wife and is exactly 4 times the age of his son. If after 4 years the son will be 16 years old; what is the present age of mother?
    (a) 48 years
    (b) 45 years
    (c) 44 years
    (d) 42 years
  78. My mother was 23 years old when I was born. 6 years later, when my sister was born my father was 34 years old. What is the difference of age between my parents?
    (a) 5 years
    (b) 6 years
    (c) 8 years
    (d) 11 years
  79. If ‘+’ means ‘x’ ; ‘-‘ means ‘+’ ; ‘x’ means ‘¸’ and ‘¸’ means ‘-‘ then solve
    (a) -1
    (b) 1
    (c) -2
    (d) 0
  80. Find the correct option to replace ‘?’ in the table:
    Q. 160
    (a) 86
    (b) 232
    (c) 92
    (d) 96
    Note: (Question No. 161 to 162): Complete the series by choosing the right option for ‘?’

  81. Q. 161

    (a) 58
    (b) 60
    (c) 63
    (d) 70
  82. Q. 162
    (a) 96
    (b) 88
    (c) 78
    (d) 72
  83. How many numbers are divisible by 3 and also the sum of their digit is equivalent to 9, between numbers 20 to 60.
    (a) 4
    (b) 3
    (c) 2
    (d) 1
  84. The sum of two digits of a number is 6. If the digits are interchanged, the difference between new number and old number is 18. Which is the original number from the following/
    (a) 60
    (b) 51
    (c) 42
    (d) 15
  85. If ‘a’ means ‘x’ ; ‘b’ means ‘¸’ ; ‘c’ means ‘+’ and ‘d’ means ‘-‘, then calculate;
    21c 3d 6a 8b2.
    (a) 48
    (b) 13
    (c) 0
    (d) 72
  86. If DOG is written as GOD in a coded language and FOG is written as GOF, How would MOB will be written?
    (a) BON
    (b) OBM
    (c) MBO
    (d) BOM
  87. Arrange the following in a logical sequence:
    (1) Lock     (2) Door      (3) Key      (4) Switch on     (5) Room
    (a) 4, 3, 1, 2, 5
    (b) 5, 4, 3, 1, 2
    (c) 3, 1, 2, 5, 4
    (d) 4, 5, 2, 1, 3
  88. If you see a reflection of an analog clock which shows time as1:30, what will be the original time?
    (a) 6:30
    (b) 4:30
    (c) 2:30
    (d) 10:30
  89. A cube is colored RED on all its faces. It is then cut into 64 smaller cubes of equal size. The smaller cubes so obtained are now separated. How many smaller cubes have no face colored?
    (a) 8
    (b) 10
    (c) 16
    (d) 24
  90. How many total days are there in ‘x’ weeks and ‘x’ days?
    (a) 7x2
    (b) 8x
    (c) 14x
    (d) 7
  91. Some cloth traders also trade in Iron. If ‘R’ denote iron traders, ‘T’ stands for cloth traders and ‘S’ represents the entire trader community. Choose the most apt diagram that represents their relationship:
    Q. 171
     option is correct
  92. Rakesh walked 25 metres towards south. He turns left and further walks 20 metre. He gain turns left and walks for 25 metre. Finally he turns right and walks for 15 metres. In which direction is he standing now from the starting point.
    (a) East
    (b) West
    (c) North
    (d) South
  93. Choose the number, whose digits if multiplied are twice the sum of the digits.
    (a) 18
    (b) 22
    (c) 36
    (d) 45
  94. If the given sets are rearranged is ascending order, then the last digit of second number will be:
    394, 287, 512, 463, 958
    (a) 4
    (b) 7
    (c) 2
    (d) 8
  95. From the numbers 31 to 60; if all numbers divisible by 3 or any number whose any digit is 3, are removed then, How many numbers are left?
    (a) 18
    (b) 12
    (c) 14
    (d) 16
  96. If day before yesterday was Saturday; the what day it will be day after tomorrow?
    (a) Friday
    (b) Thursday
    (c) Wednesday
    (d) Tuesday
  97. If an office is closed on second and fourth Saturday and all Sundays. Count the number of working days in a month of 30 days whose Ist day is a Wednesday:
    (a) 24
    (b) 25
    (c) 23
    (d) Incomplete informationNote: (Question No. 178 to 180):
    On the basis of diagram given below answer the questions:
    In the following diagram “circle” represents College Professors; “triangle” represents Surgeons and the “rectangle” represents Medicine Doctors.
    Q. 178-180
  98. Which part of the diagram represents College Professors who are also Medicine Doctors?
    (a) A
    (b) X
    (c) Y
    (d) Z
  99. Which part of the diagram represents Surgeons who are Medicine Doctor as well but are not College Professors:
    (a) X
    (b) B
    (c) Z
    (d) C
  100. Part C of the diagram represents which of the following group;
    (a) Surgeons
    (b) Medicine Doctors & Surgeons
    (c) College Professors
    (d) Medicine Doctors




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