National Defense Academy, NDA conducted an exam for NDA and NA for the year 2014. UPSC held this exam 20th April 2014 at various centers in the country. NDA NA Answer key with full solution is now available.

NDA NA 2014 exam was conducted for the recruitment of 375 job vacancies in the department. Several Lakhs job aspirants attempted this exam and a very few were selected for second round.

This exam paper is over now and students are searching for the complete answer key as well question paper and solution of every query that were asked in the main exam. That’s why we at Solved Papers prepared this key for you.

Please follow the below mentioned document. Correct answers are highlighted in Bold letters.

NDA NA 2014 Exam Paper and Answer Key:

  1. I don’t remember exactly when did I go Simla last year.
    1. When I did go
    2. When I was going
    3. When I went
    4. No improvement
  2. Even he worked hard, he failed in the examination.
    1. Since
    2. Although
    3. For
    4. No improvement
  3. He was asked to arbitrate with two  merchants in a dispute.
    1. to arbitrate between
    2. to arbitrate at
    3. to arbitrate
    4. No improvement
  4. He is definitely the cleverer among the two.
    1. in
    2. of
    3. than
    4. No improvement
  5. He is resembling his father.
    1. has resembled
    2. was resembling
    3. resembles
    4. No improvement
  6. Would you mind closing the window?
    1. to close
    2. in closing
    3. for closing
    4. No improvement
  7. I can be grateful  if you could write to me about it.
    1. would be
    2. should be
    3. must be
    4. No improvement
  8. A majority of the passengers could have been saved if the driver had applied the brakes in time .
    1. had been saved
    2. may have been saved
    3. could have saved
    4. No improvement
  9. He is living in this house for the past ten years .
    1. was living
    2. had been living
    3. has been living
    4. No improvement
  10. He is knowing the secret.
    1. knows
    2. has been knowing
    3. was knowing
    4. No improvement
  11. The meeting has been put off to Friday next.
    1. put on
    2. put out
    3. put for
    4. No improvement
  12. If you will come with me  I shall be happy.
    1. come with me
    2. had come with me
    3. came with me
    4. No improvement
  13. In a free country, one who becomes a leader
    1. must be of outstanding character and ability
    2. must show qualities  of character from an early age
    3. is generally of  a remarkable character and ability
    4. must see that his country is free for despair
  14. Hitler became a leader because
    1. He exhibited leadership qualities
    2. Germany was a free country
    3. Germany was in despair
    4. Germans wanted a dictator
  15. The passage seems to suggest that
    1. despair sometimes leads to dictatorship
    2. Hitler was no leader
    3. a leader is choosen only by a free country
    4. a leader foresees his future position
  16. The passage tells us that dogs
    1. can be trained to do different kinds of work
    2. are capable of difficult work
    3. are of different types
    4. alone are a great help to man
  17. Medals are awarded to some dogs for
    1. their brave deeds
    2. working with the police
    3. serving the sentries
    4. being able to perform difficult work
  18. The passage implies that
    1. only dogs are faithful  but not man
    2. man would have felt helpless without dogs
    3. the dog has certain qualities that make it man’s trustworthy companion
    4. dogs can do almost anything
  19. The phrase ‘aristocratic  bloodhound’ in the passage means
    1. the dog kept by wealthy people
    2. a pedigree dog
    3. a dog fond of blood
    4. any big dog


Directions: In the following passage at certain points ,you are given a choice of three words marked (a),(b) and (c ) , one of which fits the meaning of the passage .Choose the best word out of three .Mark the letter ,viz ,(a), (b) or (c ), relating to this word on your Answer Sheet .Examples K and L have been solved for you.


The K. (a) boy was in the school in Simla.  L.(a) She was homesick.

(b) horse                                             (b) It

(c ) dog                                              (c ) He

explanation: Out of the list given in item K, only ‘boy’ is the correct   answer because usually, a boy, and not a horse or a dog, attends school .So (a) is to be marked on the answer sheet  for item K. .A boy is usually reoffered to as ‘he’, so for item L ,(c ) is the correct answer .Notice that to solve the first item K  , you have to read the rest of of the sentence and then see what fits the best.



Dorbny defied the critics. He had played through the Wimbledon fortnight anti reached the final. Could he win just one more match and take the crown, or would he fail again at the last test and justify those who said that he lacked that little extra something that makes the companion? His opponent was the Australian Ken Rose wall ,

21. in that brilliant  youngster  and already a master

          (a) with worldwide experience behind him.
(b) of
(c ) for

22.    Jaroslav  Drobny

       (a) a son of a Czech carpenter who
(b) that

(c )the

23. (a) had started the

(b) was

(c ) has

boy off at the ,

24.(a) age of five with a wooden ‘bat ‘in lieu

(b) stage

(c ) career

25.(a) for a racquet,

(b) of

(c )  to

went at ,

26.(a) to the famous cent re court at Wimbledon

(b) for

(c) with

27.(a) in day with

(b) on

(c) that

the full knowledge that this ,

28.(a) can be the game of his


(c) would

29.(a) life. He had

(b) age


kept on trying and

30.(a) he could keep  on trying ,but

(b) one

(c) you

31.(a) games would

(b) matches

(c) opportunities

become fewer and fewer .He knew that he had to gain an advantage from the start, and he had this young rival  set off against him.



Directions:In this section, you have to spot errors in sentences. Read each sentence . Read each sentence to find out whether there is an error in any underlined part. Errors, if any, are only in the underlined parts. No sentence has more than one error. Letters (a),(b) and (c) have been placed beneath the underlined parts for their identification. When you find an error in the relevant column. You may feel that there is no error  in the sentence . In that case,letter (d) signify a ‘No error response.


32.The pile of books    are    missing.  No error

(a)                     (b)        (c)          (C)

33. Either he     or I     are wrong.   No error

(a)             (b)           (c)             (d)

34. Please     tell to him    to dp his work    No error

(a)             (b)                  (c)                   (d)

35. Though he is good    he is  No error

(a)                              (b)                (c)

36. The thief    hit me     suddenly and hardly.    No error 

(a)             (b)                      (c)                        (d)

37. The number of books    in our library    is less.    No error

(a)                            (b)                       (c)             (d)

38. The general said,   ‘’Soldiers, do not fire  till i will give the order.’’     No error

(a)                                 (b)                              (c)                               (d)

39. Neither of the candidates     are      good.       No error

(a)                         (b)          (c)              (d)

40.This machine      is more efficient      than any other equipments      No error

(a)                          (b)                              (c)                                         (d)

41.The tin deposits in that area     would probably be exhausted       in to near future      No error

(a)                                                    (b)                                   (c)                       (d)

42. The operation of this machine       is different       to that of the other.       No error

(a)                                    (b)                            (c)                          (d)



Directions: Each of the items in this contains-a  blank followed by words listed as (a), (b) , (c) and (d) . Choose the most appropriate word to fill in the blank and indicate your response in the Answer Sheet accordingly.

43.When the police arrived, the thief _____ away.

(a) strolled

(b) moved

(c) galloped


44.His _____ as an officer was not quite satisfactory.





45. The two children stood at the _____ of the table.

(a) conclusion




46.The old man was ______ weak to open the door.

























51.Which of the following pairs represents isoelectronic ions?

(a)Na+ , K+

(b) k+ , Mg++

(c) Mg++ ,Ca++

(d) Ca++ , S–

52. After diagnosis of disease in a person, the doctor advises the patient iron and folic acid tablets.The person is suffering from




(d) protien-energy malnutrition

53.Which one among the following is the coral group of islands of india?


(b) Nicobar



54.Bernoulli’s principle is based on which one among the following laws?


(b)Conservation of momentum

(c)Conservation of angular momentum

(d)Conservation of energy

55.The displacement (x)-time (t) graph given above approximately represents the motion of a

(a)simple pendulum placed in vacuum

(b)simple pendulum immersed in water

(c)simple pendulum placed in outer space

(d)point mass moving in air

56.Dihydrogen be prepared on a commercial scale by the action of steam on hydrocarbons, when a mixture of CO and H2 gas is formed . It is known as

(a)water gas

(b)producer gas

(c)industrial gas

(d)fuel gas


  1. Dropsy is a disease caused due to adulteration in.
    1. Ghee
    2. Arhar Dal
    3. mustard oil
    4. turmeric powder
  2. Consider the following surface winds:
    1. Doldrums
    2. Trade winds
    3. Westerlies
    4. Polar winds
      which one among the following is the idealized global Pattern of these winds from the Equator to the pole ?
  1. 1-2-3-4
  2. 1-3-2-4
  3. 2-1-4-3
  4. 3-1-2-
  • which of the  following statements about hydrogen is / are correct ?
    1. Hydrogen has three isotopes of which podium is the Most common.
    2. Hydrogen ion (H+) exists freely in solution.
    3. Dehydrogen H2 , acts as a reducing agent.
      Select the correct answer using the code given below.

      1. 1,2and3
      2. 1 only
      3. 1 and 3 only
      4. 3 only
  • Leaves of which of the following Plants are not used for the rearing of silkworms?
    1. Mulberry
    2. Castor
    3. Oak
    4. Teak
  • The temperature of water at the bottom of a lake whose upper surface has frozen to ice would be around
    1. -10 ºC
    2. 0 ºC
    3. 4 ºC
    4. -4 ºC
  • Which of the following statements is correct?
    1. Fullerenes have only six-membered carbon  rings
    2. Fullerenes are cage-like molecules
    3. Diamond is thermodynamically the most stable allotrope of carbon
    4. Graphite is slippery and hard, and is therefore used as a dry lubricant in machines
  • Which one among the following groups is the most abundant in terms of number of species identified?
    1. Fungi
    2. Green Plants
    3. Bacteria
    4. Insects
  • the number of valence electrons in O²- ion is
    1. 4
    2. 6
    3. 8
    4. 10
  • Within an animal cell, the most abundant inorganic constituent of protoplasm is
    1. sodium and potassium salt
    2. water
    3. iron
    4. phosphate
  • Two conducting wires A and B are made of same material. If the length of B is twice that of A and the radius of circular cross- section of A is twice that of B, then their resistances R(A) and R(B) are in the ratio
    1. 2 : 1
    2. 1 : 2
    3. 1 : 8
    4. 1 : 4
  • Consider the following statements
    A real image

    1. can be formed on a screen
    2. is always magnified and invertedWhich of the statements given above is/are correct?
      1. 1 only
      2. 2 only
      3. Both 1 and 2
      4. Neither 1nor 2
  • Which one of the following is the correct electronic configuration of chlorine ?
    1. 2, 7, 8
    2. 2, 8, 7
    3. 2, 8, 8
    4. 7, 8, 2
  • In honey which one among the following sugars predominates?
    1. Sucrose
    2. Fructose
    3. Galactose
    4. Maltose
  • During short- circuiting, the current flowing in the electrical circuit
    1. reduces substantially
    2. does not change
    3. increases instantaneously
    4. varies continuously
  • The number of aluminium ions present in  54 g of aluminium (atomic weight 27) is
    1. 2
    2. 18
    3. 1.1 * 10^24
    4. 1.2 * 10^24
  • What is ‘break bone fever’ most commonly known as?
    1. Typhoid
    2. Rhinitis
    3. Yellow fever
    4. Dengue
  • Van de Graaff generator is used for
    1. accelerating charged particles
    2. generating large currents
    3. generating electric field
    4. generating high- frequency  voltage
  • The most stable from of carbon is
    1. diamond
    2. graphite
    3. fullerene
    4. coal
  • Which one among the following is not a sexually transmitted disease?
    1. Syphilis
    2. Gonorrhea
    3. scurvy
    4. Hepatitis B

Here, we tried to include all the questions asked in NDA paper 2014 and their answers. If you finds a wrong answer then please comment below.


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